Got a new Sony MBR-XB500 headphones (with extra bass) last week and it seemed to be well worth it.  Except that I ran into a few problems when I plugged it into my desktop front panel audio jack.  No sound came out both on Ubuntu 10.04 and even on Windows XP.

The rear jack worked fine for both Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows.  I re-checked the audio settings on Windows using Realtek’s software and found out that it wasn’t detecting the headphones when I plugged it in.  Bingo!  Hardware issue.

Rummaging quickly through all the mess in the room, I was unsuccessful in finding the Intel motherboard manual.  A quick search on Google (I had to find the motherboard name via the receipt) got me a match that was closest to my mobo.

Ahhh… so the guys at the computer store got all the wires wrong except for the ground wire.   Wow! And to think they would’ve been experts on this already.  It was a no brainer. Just look at the manual and follow which wire goes where.  So after a bit of  “rewiring” and crossing of fingers, I had the front audio jack working on Windows.

Time to test it on Ubuntu 10.04.  There was no reason it shouldn’t work since the USB headphones was detected fine down to the brand name.  Unfortunately this wasn’t true. No sound came out even after selecting and re-selecting different audio settings.

I installed additional PulseAudio and ALSA mixer tools and still not even a faint squeak came out from the Sony MDR-XB500.  Searching on Google, Ubuntu support pages and even on its IRC channel was getting me nowhere.

…until I stumbled unto a forum thread about “options snd-hda-intel model=MODEL”.   Adding the appropriate model then appending it to alsa-base.conf file supposedly is the key to making the jack work. And it did!

First you have to find out your sound card model. Below are 2 links that can help you find it.

Then insert the appropriate model code to the alsa-base.conf file. The URL below is a list of the common sound card models and what you should put opposite “model=”.

Once you’ve found that out, append it, like I’ve mentioned before, to your alsa-base.conf file.

Must be done with root privileges (use `sudo` if you are on Ubuntu).  For my setup, I have Realtek ALC888 but my machine is unbranded. I figured “auto” would work. It did.

options snd-hda-intel model=auto

Reload ALSA afterwards

alsa forcereload

Or if you want to be sure, just restart your computer.


I was streaming music through Rythmbox shortly with the bass thumping as loud as my poor ears could manage.

Yahoo unsupported OS

unsupported OS warning from Yahoo! Mail

Seriously, I am so sick and tired of this warning that Yahoo! Mail gives out when you are not using Windows or a Mac.  For fuck’s sake get rid of that warning Yahoo! Perhaps everyone in the Linux or BSD community already know that and we’re not dumb idiots like so many of the Windows or Mac users.

Blog Space for Rent

Posted: February 16, 2010 in next to nothing

Wow, I’ve missed this space. More than a month into 2010 and I haven’t blogged anything not even once until now. Guess I’ve been really busy. Or maybe I was just too lazy to blog. I guess it’s time to get back.

I still prefer to blog the traditional way versus Tweeting, and Google’s new Buzz, or whatever fancy things people are inventing and everyone is so hyped about at the moment. I liken blogging to an image. Tweeting would be that of a moving image, more like a video or an animation. While it may be fluid and dynamic, it also dies down fast similar to a trend. The traditional way is well.. . traditional. Like an old picture of you playing a ball when you were 5 years old. Looking at that picture and then you are filled with memories. Strong and vivid memories of who you are and what you’ve done.

So what have I done?

The Last Day Was Autumn

Posted: December 6, 2009 in zeroes and ones

Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memories made in between.  Most days have no impact in the course of a life.

May 23rd was a Wednesday.

Girl: Are you interviewing?

Boy: Sorry?

Girl: Are you interviewing.. . for the (pauses) position?

Boy: Oh yeah. Why are you?

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: Uh-hummm.. . my competition.

Girl: It would appear.

Boy: Yeah, so.. . (pauses) a litle awkward.

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: Well, uhhh.. . I hope you.. . uhmmm…  don’t get the job.

Girl: I hope you don’t get the job.

Boy and girl laughs softly.

Girl: Have I seen you before?

Boy: Me? I don’t think so.

Girl: Do you ever (pauses) go to Angela’s Plaza?

Boy: Yes.  Tha-that’s like my favorite spot in the city.

Girl: (Stutters) Yeah ok, except for the parking lots. But…

Boy: Yeah, yeah. I agree.

Girl: Yeah, yeah. I think I’ve seen you there.

Boy: Really?

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: I haven’t seen you.

Girl: You must not have been looking.

If Tom had learned anything it was that you can’t describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event.  Coincidence.  That’s all anything ever is… nothing more than coincidence.

Other Guy: Tom Hanson.

Boy: Yeah.

Other Guy: Come on back.

Tom had finally learned, there are no miracles.  There’s no such thing as fate.  Nothing is meant to be.  He knew.  He was sure of it now. Tom was.. .

Boy: Sorry.  Ummm… I just left ahhh… can I?  One second.

He was pretty sure.

Boy: Hey!

Girl: You again?

Boy: Yeah. I ahhh.. . was just wondering if maybe after this if, uhmmm.. . you’d (pauses) wanna get some coffee or something?

Girl: Ahh, I’m sorry I’m sort of supposed to meet someone after this.

Boy: Ok.

Girl: Sure.

Boy: What’s that?

Girl: Why not?

Boy: Ok. Well then I’ll just ahhh.. I’ll just wait for you.. .

Girl: We.. . we’ll figure it out.

Boy: We’ll figure it out.

Boy: My name’s Tom.

Girl: Nice to meet you. I’m Autumn.

The problem started as far back as June this year.  Yahoo users trying to connect to the said network through Kopete could not.  Several people were quick to notice it.

A quick fix was to override the default server for logging in to something else. But this was a temporary fix.  Eventually it didn’t work anymore.  Not wanting to use any other 3rd party messenger, I opted to log on to the messenger service through Yahoo Mail.  It works fine even on Linux versions of Firefox although Yahoo does warn you that the operating system you are using has not been tested.

Months after, I went back to using Kopete for Yahoo after I upgraded my desktop.  It appears that the newer versions has the fix for the Yahoo problem patched into it.  Currently I am using Kopete version 0.80.2 on KDE 4.3.2.  What is strange is that I can’t login to all my accounts.  I have 3 Yahoo accounts.   Out of the 3, only 2 are able to connect successfully to the Yahoo servers. The other one can’t connect and there are no apparent error messages except for,

Object::connect: No such signal ClientStream::disconnected()
Object::connect:  (receiver name: 'yahooclient')
Transfer ACCEPTED by: LoginTask
Transfer ACCEPTED by: LoginTask

If you are experiencing a similar problem drop me a note on how you fixed it.  If you still haven’t found a solution, we can go report a bug @ to make it official. I am guessing that this might not be a Kopete problem, but it won’t hurt if the developers are made aware of this weird behavior.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on searching for fixes.  Oh by the way, the one account that could not connect wasn’t like this all the time.  It was able to connect once, and that was the one time only, then after that it wouldn’t anymore.

ADSL connections on Kubuntu 9.04

Posted: October 27, 2009 in linux

What Does NOT Work

KNetworkManager can’t manage ADSL connections.  Don’t waste your time searching the web for solutions. It’s not worth it in the end.

WIDC won’t work.  I never understood what WIDC was supposed to do.  It endlessly scanned my machine and got nothing.  The configuration options is a mess as well.  It doesn’t really provide any clear options and you will just end up as confused as to how to configure your ADSL connection with KNetworkManager.

What Works

pppoeconf works out of the box most of time. Unless if your ISP really has a weird ADSL setup, then chances are, your connection won’t work if configured through this app.  The chances are slim.

The program pppoeconf should be accessible under /usr/sbin/pppoeconf on Kubuntu 9.04 and should be used with administrator or root privileges.  So use sudo on this command. By the way, this is an application that should be run on the terminal.  Get konsole or, for me, yakuake, on the ready.

Just go with the defaults.  It works fine. Once you’ve got it configured you’re good to go.

pon dsl-provider – to turn ON the  ADSL connection

poff dsl-provider – to turn OFF the ADSL connection

Again, both commands above should be used with administrator or root privileges.  Sudo is your friend!  But you shouldn’t be using these commands at all.  If everything goes right, Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope should remember all of you your settings on the next session.  You don’t have to add anything to have your connection start automatically on boot.  Everything should already be set correctly.

Have fun surfing the web!

A programmer was crossing a road one day when a frog called out to him and said, “If you kiss me, I’ll turn into a beautiful princess.” He bent over, picked up the frog and put it in his pocket. The frog spoke up again and said, “If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will stay with you for one week.”
The programmer took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it and returned it to the pocket. The frog then cried out, “If you kiss me and turn me back into a princess, I’ll stay with you and do anything you want.” Again the programmer took the frog out, smiled at it and put it back into his pocket.
Finally, the frog asked, “What is the matter? I’ve told you I’m a beautiful princess that I’ll stay with you for a week and do anything you want. Why won’t you kiss me?” The programmer said, “Look, I’m a programmer. I don’t have time for a girlfriend — but a talking frog, now that’s cool.”