the alternative OS

Posted: July 16, 2006 in linux, work work

tuxthe workstation that was given to me at work had Windows XP (only) installed to it. being a Linux user for more than 5 years already now, I’ve gone a bit uncomfortable in a Windows environment. i do have Windows XP installed in my own computer, but i rarely, rarely use it. i don’t know why I even still keep it. maybe for games, but i am not a gamer. it’s a waste of disk space, i must say. most of the time i just use the space to store files like music and/or video.

so anyway, a month passes and i’ve been working on a Windows environment. then a co-worker, quite a Linux user as well, made a bold move and asked our boss if we (for those who preferred a non-Windows OS) could install Linux on our workstations. well, what do you know, he (our boss) says ok to it and so now i’m using Linux. OpenSUSE 10.1 64-bit to be exact. what a relief. i thought i was gonna be stuck into using an OS which i don’t really prefer to use. i still kept the “other” OS though.. . as an ALTERNATIVE. because who says Linux has to be the alternative?

  1. yamz says:

    well it’s all about preference. better if you have a choice than none at all. 😉

  2. respect says:

    I got a smile over my face I mean

  3. respect says:

    respect its a good point that windows (or beos) can be the alternative ;).

    i got a warm over face. good article^^

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