flame it burgers!

there is this burger joint in Cebu that’s called Flame It. the name sounds rather cheesy to me. well, supposedly their burgers are good. the serving is quite large too, as what i’ve heard. well i haven’t really been to any of its outlets but maybe i’ll try it one of these days. i’m rather curious. for my ignorance, and lack of taste perhaps,i’ll quite admit to that (and sorry to mcdonalds), i still say that the Big Mac is still the best burger so far.. .


5 thoughts on “flame it burgers!

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    Are you serious?

    Big Mac, better?!!!!

    Try Big Better Burgers, Army Navy, Wendy’s, and Burger King to name a few. Flame It is alos good but I like BBB the best so far as it doesn’t just taste good. Those tripple-patty burgers are really, really delicious!!!!

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