starbucks.. .

Posted: July 17, 2006 in next to nothing

what’s with starbucks? it’s expensive, in the first place. and then you go there to drink fancy coffee.. . other than sit and talk, probably watch pretty chicks hanging out there too, that’s pretty much it.


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  1. Jon says:

    In the same way that I look for reputable coffee shops to get my fix. 🙂

  2. yamz says:

    ok, guys.. . this was just sort of a “sarcastic” POV from moi.. . hehehe.. . i know why i go there. and still i go there. love the mocha frapp!

  3. Mik says:

    It’s a chill out place, actually. People aren’t there for the coffee, more like for the place itself and then some. Yeah, chicks would be the right reason to splurge in Starbucks 😉

  4. jon says:

    It’s part of the social spectrum. You go there to be seen. If you know your coffee really well, you wouldn’t stick with Starbucks. 😀

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