— post #16 —

this week i’ve been having troubles on my OpenSuSE Linux. it seems to be awfully slow. sluggish to be exact. i’m almost always using the same applications during work — Quanta for PHP programming, Firefox, Amarok for music, Kmail (for what else?), Kopete for chatting (hehe.. .), a little of Kspread, and the all-in-one Konqueror. everything was fine before.

hmmm.. . what could be wrong? a memory leak in one of these applications perhaps?


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  1. Oist Yamut asa nmn imong bangka tawn oi! hehehhe… congrats ha! Keep up the good work. Nakit-an na jud ang resulta sa imong pakipaglambigit anang ghost sa penthouse. harhar

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