i am a Linux dummy

ok, so when i first started learning Linux i bought every cheap book about it that i could get my hands on! sadly, most of these books were pretty expensive and so i only got 2 in my more than 6 years of using Linux.

the first one i got was that Linux Complete book. it didn’t really turn out to be a book. at least not for me. it was more like a compilation of manuals, descriptions on the different Linux commands and applications. i didn’t like it.

the other one was better although the title of the book seemed ridiculous. i bought it anyway. in fact, the bookstore didn’t have any copy at hand and so they had to order. perhaps i was the only one who bought such a book in that store! Linux For Dummies. printed there in the front cover in big bold letters with a bright yellow background. it really was for dummies. it covered the basics of Linux installation. from making a boot floppy with rawrite, down to managing your desktop with window managers such as gnome or kde. or was it just gnome? i can’t really remember. it also had topics like how to make a simple bash script and some “tips and tricks.” anyway, this book came with a Redhat 7.2 installer CDs.

well i was a Linux dummy back then. i still am a Linux dummy now. one thing’s for certain, i just love being a Linux dummy!


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