installing 32-bit apps on a 64-bit machine

there are certain packages, RPM if you will, that have no copies compiled for 64-bit architecture. now you’re too lazy to do it the “hard way,” which is, to compile from source. sometimes you can’t do without these apps so you proceed to download the said RPMs and install it on your Linux, crossing your fingers at the same time that the damned thing will just work. supposedly it should. and why not? 64-bit systems should be able to run 32-bit apps.

well i’ve ran into situations where the RPM installs perfectly. no dependency issues whatsoever. however when i try to run the app nothing comes out. i run it via console and there i see cryptic messages like “unable to load . file or folder does not exist.” WTF?! i check if that library file is installed and sure enough it is. **curse…curse…curse**

ok, so i recheck the install path of the said library. aha! it’s under /usr/lib64/. the app complains that the library is not available in /usr/lib/. of course! **blah, blah, blah**

symbolic links are very useful after all.. .


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  1. so green yamz.. light green, lime green, bottle green! what green were you thinking huh?.. ;p

    for short yamz, no comment with your post. i can’t relate. post not defined! hehe! ;p

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