home sweet home

home .. .overview of my home back in Cagayn de Oro City as seen from Google Earth. it is situated in a quite little village ( subdivision if you will ) just across the river. oops, i cropped the river!
hehehe.. . 😀school

school! that big space in the middle is the soccer field. . . and then the building with the red roof is the chapel. Xavier, as it is commonly called, is sitting right next to Cagayan de Oro’s old public cemetery. creepy! the school’s site is said to be a former Japanese prison camp way back in WW2. creepy!

cdo overview


7 thoughts on “home sweet home

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  1. ei bat..are you sure this is home?

    this is one reply more..happy now? ehehe..
    see u sat. :p ur supposed to pick me up. dont forget we’re hunting for paklay.. how dyu spell paklay? who cares about ur shoes bdw? ahahaha. i dont see the pictures i had u load. where is kobedobe? RIP to spike.

  2. I stand by my comment in your Flickr pic, Yamz… Watch out! Heheheh Patrain ko balik sa akong scout ranging master para makat-on ko og basa og directions 😛

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