i know

“why do you hide behind a wall?”, i wonder. “why do you hide behind a facade of nonchalance, of detachment, when i know what you really are? you face your adversaries with courage that could leave even the bravest knights seem like puny weaklings. but i know that inside, you are cowering in fear. you look into Death’s eyes and stare at it so hard that Death itself turns and looks away. how you felt you thought i have no clue. but i know. your cynicism. your pessimism. it is naiveness and optimism inside.”

you ask, “how do you know all these?”

and i answer you, “it is foolish to pretend with me. for how can i not know the truth when i am you?”


9 thoughts on “i know

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  1. waaaaaaaaa…. hey pips no fighting here! hahaha.. .

    secret? you have a “dark side” crystal?

    what story? do tell, please…

    ey pips, let’s keep it in english please as much as possible. although i am proud to be “bisaya,” let’s be considerate to the other non-bisaya readers. πŸ˜€

    Bisaya, by the way is a general term for many linguistic groups of Bisayan (Visayan) origin, mostly found in the central and southern regions of the Philippines

    read more here

  2. to yamz–> hidden because most of them are not worth to be told… something to be ashamed of…

    literary works: one of these days, i guess…

    i’m trying to create a secret blog though, that features the other side of me…those that i kept concealed…

    to lems–> won’t share that blog to you…sorry…

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