fat cat


name: sassy
gender: female
breed: maine coon
description: big, fat cat! likes to sleep, sleep and sleep all day. if she’s not asleep, she wants to be fed all the time. also likes to sit/sleep on couches or sofas, although she prefers a human lap. loves to cuddle a lot. doesn’t want to play dress-up. has been de-clawed already – front paws only.

.. .contact me if you’re interested


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  5. international.. . and it’s not like the cat will be sitting on some first class accomodation, let alone a normal one. she’ll be placed in some place where all the baggage go in. tsk.. .tsk.. .tsk.. .

  6. If were a thousand times richer from my current economic status, or perhaps an owner of Focus, I’ll definitely adopt her without batting an eyelash. You are pushing me to marry John.

    Joke. I feel so sad for the cat.

  7. my sister is willing to give her to anyone who’d take care of her lemski. unfortunately, they’re in Las Vegas. poor pussycat is now in an animal shelter. probably in a small cage. tsk, tsk. .. my sister is having a baby so she can’t take care of Sassy anymore. šŸ™‚

  8. Looks cute but I’m not interested! šŸ˜›

    I L-O-A-T-H-E cats!!! I may be “catty” and “kitty” and other things too (LOL) but I’m one KAT who hates cats! Bwahahaha!

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