Posted: September 10, 2006 in next to nothing


fat cat


name: sassy
gender: female
breed: maine coon
description: big, fat cat! likes to sleep, sleep and sleep all day. if she’s not asleep, she wants to be fed all the time. also likes to sit/sleep on couches or sofas, although she prefers a human lap. loves to cuddle a lot. doesn’t want to play dress-up. has been de-clawed already – front paws only.

.. .contact me if you’re interested


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  7. Lemski says:

    Your cat should be in first class! Kagwapa ana nila. :)`

  8. zero says:

    international.. . and it’s not like the cat will be sitting on some first class accomodation, let alone a normal one. she’ll be placed in some place where all the baggage go in. tsk.. .tsk.. .tsk.. .

  9. Lemski says:

    haha! crazy jud. grabe ha.. hmm… international airlines or our airlines? does the question make sense? :d

  10. zero says:

    yeah, stupid airlines will charge the cat full pay, like an adult human! crazy ain’t it?

  11. Lemski says:

    If were a thousand times richer from my current economic status, or perhaps an owner of Focus, I’ll definitely adopt her without batting an eyelash. You are pushing me to marry John.

    Joke. I feel so sad for the cat.

  12. zero says:

    my sister is willing to give her to anyone who’d take care of her lemski. unfortunately, they’re in Las Vegas. poor pussycat is now in an animal shelter. probably in a small cage. tsk, tsk. .. my sister is having a baby so she can’t take care of Sassy anymore. šŸ™‚

  13. Lemski says:

    Hala Yamz! With a price ni cya? I love her! Ako na na beh. šŸ˜€ Para naa na bestfriend si Samuelle. ehehhe

  14. meow meow says:

    Looks cute but I’m not interested! šŸ˜›

    I L-O-A-T-H-E cats!!! I may be “catty” and “kitty” and other things too (LOL) but I’m one KAT who hates cats! Bwahahaha!

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