yet another Pinoy invention!

Posted: September 12, 2006 in work work


standing tall among all the other edifices in some residential neighborhood, this 3-storey construct that was originally meant as living quarters for lease is home to one not-so-conspicuous IT/outsourcing company where i work.

the office environment is homey and simple. with a bunch of 64-bit personal computers sitting on a round table in groups of 4. big LCD screens in silver frames, one could easily mistake if for an internet cafe. not quite what you would expect from a BPO company.

the tables and chairs are so ‘native.’ polished wood. rattan make. even the blinds are made from bamboo.

and to top that not-so-typical look is the door lock to the men’s rest room –
a barbecue-stick door lock!

yet another Pinoy invention?

  1. Lemski says:

    Hahaha! Yamz the porno star! joke. peace.

  2. yamz says:

    who’s the gurl wannabe?

    eeewww… let’s cut this crap! this is not a porn site… hahaha. ..

  3. meow meow says:

    hahaha! I know a girl-wannabe! and I dare say that HE would probably love peeping through that hole to see Yamz’s package! wahahahahahaha!

  4. Lemski says:

    Girl wannabe?! Clue… clue!

  5. zero says:

    you could be both! hahaha. ..

    yeah right dude! but what if it were not a gurl, but a gurl-wannabe?

  6. Lemski says:

    To Miko–> Ugh! As if there’s something worth looking at. haha! peace.

    To Yamz–> I wonder where I exactly belong… hmm…

  7. Miko says:

    Perv mode:
    Man, the girls are so lucky 😛 Hey I don’t mind some peeping-tom of a chick ogling at my accessories down there haha!

  8. zero says:

    exactly! it’s a blend of sophistication and primitiveness. and i don’t just mean this for the furnitures and equipment in the office. even the people are a mix of those 2 adjectives!

    don’t you just love that? hahaha.. .

  9. thoughtsandscribbles says:

    Yup, atop=roof. Hey, check the doorknobs again, including the girls’. New innovation! unless, of course, the carpenter, or whatever term is applicable, really fixed them accurately. Sometimes Focus confuses me–still, it’s a perfect blend of sophistication and primitiveness 😀

  10. yanee says:

    whoever did that was indeed very innovative…hehehe…gotta check it later…i didn’t know your CR doorlock is busted, good thing i sneaked in to your blog…:)

  11. zero says:

    atop = “roof?”


    hahaha.. no lemz, that’s the most sophisticated doorlock ever created on this planet! hehehe.. .

  12. Lemski says:

    haha! and i really thought atop cya, yamz… sorry, my mind’s pretty crowded with all the sugo left and right. paet!

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