are you Dishwalla?

Posted: September 23, 2006 in next to nothing

Dishwalla – Did you know that it is “an Indian term for a person who uses illegal equipment to descramble a television satellite signal and share it with their neighborhood?”

  1. yamz says:

    Charlie Brown’s parents! hahaha.. .

  2. rockchiq910 says:

    what’s your fav track?

  3. zero says:

    yes really! hehehe.. . but that’s what wikipedia says ‘lot.

  4. rockchiq910 says:

    really?i have few fav tracks from dishwalla. i cant describe how i feel everytime i listen to those tracks!!!arrggg…

    hey, ilike 32 flavors too.

  5. yamz says:

    yeah! and they were considered a 1 hit wonder.. . how could they be a 1 hit wonder when they have lots of wondeful tracks?! hmmm.. .

  6. 32flavors says:

    The BAND has wonderful tracks. Never bores me.

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