is it going be the red pill or the blue pill?

certain decisions must be made soon. and it is up to you to decide which one to take.. . but i guess that choice has already been made for you. you really thought it was you who decided, didn’t you?

.. .on the one hand, you can go on and continue believing what you’ve always believed in since you first woke up into the World of Computers.

ignorance is bliss after all.

on the other you will know the truth.

that you are a slave and have been one since you entered the World.

you thought you were free because there was nothing else in the first place. that you didn’t have a choice. that you really didn’t know much to begin with. that it is the only thing.

but the real deal is that you were forced to it. they really didn’t tell you anything. and they can’t be blamed either. they too were blindly following the ones before them.

i know you. you would readily spit at the choice rather than consider what is being offered. how could you be such an ignorant fool? at least stop being a hypocrite and bow down before the Gates. pay what’s due!

you laugh at me because i am different. i mock you because you are all the same.

and for what?

because you refuse to see beyond. because you refuse to understand. because you refuse to choose.

you will never be free.

it is not because i am here and you are not. never will i pretend that this is better. nor will i say that where you are now is paradise. it is only because you constanlty refuse to consider the choice that is being given to you.


4 thoughts on “is it going be the red pill or the blue pill?

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  1. of course not! haha.. .i too liked reading that article. we, the author and i, shared the same thoughts. it is good to know that. means you aren’t alone in your philosophy.

    what i’m ‘subtly ranting’ about is that the people be aware of what’s being given to them. for so long they haven’t had a choice. and i hate it when Linux is just an option. is Mac an option? and then they constantly brag about how ‘great’ windows is but don’t even get a license for it. sorry to anyone, but that would make you look like a hypocrite, if you’re not already one. pay Bill Gates for his software. hahaha.. . piracy is a crime after all!

    well so much for this.

  2. Yamz, if you didn’t let me read the article, I wouldn’t really get what you mean here. I thought you were talking about something SO personal, and you’re just camouflaging it with subtle rants. hehe.

    It was a very enligtening read, actually. I was taken aback on the “it wasn’t a choice” stuff. I never quite thought of that, until that time. And yeah, almost everything is agreeable, save for some few points that I couldn’t quite fathom, because I don’t have direct experience with them.

    Can’t wait for Windows Vista, though. Heard it’s an “awesome” (as my friend puts it) OS. I even volunteered to be a beta tester (hehe).

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