Firefox 2.0 is out!

Firefox 2.0 is finally out. It was released last October 24, Tuesday at 2:15 PM PDT, or 10:15 PM BST.

It is available for free download @ For other versions of this cool and award-winning web browser from Mozilla, go to this page

What’s new on this release:

  1. Visual Refresh
  2. Built-in phishing protection
  3. Enhanced search capabilities
  4. Improved tabbed browsing
  5. Resuming your browsing session
  6. Previewing and subscribing to Web feeds
  7. Inline spell checking
  8. Live Titles
  9. Improved Add-ons manager
  10. JavaScript 1.7
  11. Extended search plugin format
  12. Updates to the extension system
  13. Client-side session and persistent storage
  14. SVG text

see also these links: release notes, system requirements

unfortunately, as much as i want to upgrade to Firefox 2, i can’t. some of the extensions that i’m using won’t work yet for the newest version. here are some of those extensions:

  1. regular expressions tester
  2. tab mix plus
  3. fasterfox

for other mozilla products and projects, like the acclaimed email client Thunderbird, go to or


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