kickoff season

kickoff1.jpghave you already seen the new KDE main menu codenamed “Kickoff?”

openSUSE 10.2 beta 1 has recently been released and one of the highlights of this release is Kickoff — the revolutionary and redesigned KDE menu for openSUSE 10.2.

on first glance, one would already notice that it’s not the traditional KDE menu. it looks pretty stylish too. but it’s not just all eye candy. in fact they’ve done a study to come up with this totally new and redesigned menu. although this is still under heavy development, i find the usability of Kickoff, as of now, already very good for my taste. Kickoff provides a lot of things you need to get things started with just a few clicks and without overdoing it.

and how, you ask, could i say this confidently?

because i already have it on my SLED 10. “Kickoff season” for me started about 2 days ago.

there is just one thing that i don’t like about Kickoff though. it is the designers’ philosopohy of “get to that application or document with the least number of mouse clicks as much as possible.”

while this is convenient, it would also be a case for annoyance. imagine “tripping” on hotspots all over the menu! we do hate pop-ups, right? if you’re not following me, well it’s like this. see those tabs at the bottom? hovering your mouse pointer on it will tell Kickoff to switch to that tab. hover your mouse on the search box and it will assume that you want to search for something.

but of course Kickoff is still in development stages. feedback is one of the things that these developers need. so i hope the SUSE KDE team could probably include an option to turn off the “mouse hover thingy.” i don’t mind the clicks at all.

kudos to the SUSE KDE developers for this wonderful menu. finally it’s something we can be proud of! (i just find the traditional KDE menu so lacking that i don’t even use it.)

details on how to install this menu at this site,


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  1. hmmm.. .

    from what i understand, you have everything set as the guide suggested and only the username is different? it should work. the username isn’t that important. you could even do this without creating another user. it’s just being compiled and installed in another directory not where your current KDE home is, to avoid complications as this is a SVN build, and therefore might be unstable.

    also just skip the redirection of output to a log file and just let it go to standard output instead. in your case it’s like this:

    /home/jebus97/src/kde/build/suse_kickoff/configure –prefix=/home/jebus197/kde-unstable

  2. Hi I have tried to follow your guide. But I am experiencing a weird error. Not a major one at this juncture – but odd all the same.

    I got to step 6 on this guide:

    And specifically to this part:

     /home/kdedev/src/kde/build/suse_kickoff/configure –prefix=/home/kdedev/kde-unstable > \ /home/kde/src/kde/log/suse_kickoff.log 2>&1

    Everything has gone smoothly up until this point. The only difference is I didn’t want to create a user called kdedev – as I know how hard it is to change a user name in Linux once it is created and I was afraid I would be stuck with it.

    Not a big issue, as, as the guide says the choice of user name is arbitrary

    So instead I made a user called jebus97

    So when I ran the above command it looks like this:

    ~/src/kde/build/suse_kickoff$ /home/jebus97/src/kde/build/suse_kickoff/configure –prefix=/home/jebus197/kde-unstable > \ /home/jebus97/src/kde/log/suse_kickoff.log 2>&1

    However when I run this command I get the following error:

    /src/kde/build/suse_kickoff/configure –prefix=/home/jebus197/kde-unstable > \ /home/jebus97/src/kde/log/suse_kickoff.log 2>&1
    -su: /home/jebus97/src/kde/log/suse_kickoff.log: No such file or directory

    However this makes no sense whatsoever, since I have followed this guide to the letter, and when I run ls on the specified directory – everything is as it should be:

    /src/kde/build/suse_kickoff$ ls /home/jebus97/src/kde/log/

    Why is it saying that the required file or directory does not exist, when very clearly it does?

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