all i want for Christmas is.. .

Posted: December 3, 2006 in next to nothing

HP Pavilion dv9000z seriesthis is what i want for Christmas! it’s at the topmost on my Christmas wishlist, which only by the way, are peace on earth, food for the hungry, and an original NeverWinter Nights 2 DVD copy.

the HP website is offering this particular model for $859.99, already rebated. as far as i know, this is pretty cheap already. if converted to Philippine Peso (PhP), this baby would be around 43K. this is almost half the price of a similar model that a friend of mine recently bought. the going rate for that model here in the Philippines, a 14-incher, is around 70k PhP. that’s about 1,400 US Dollars.

i wonder what’s the catch on this one? hmmm.. . maybe it’s just on holiday sale? or maybe it’s only available in the US? then again it could only be available if you pay it in installments – 3 years!?

ok, so my current financial standing would utterly not permit me to get this notebook. boohoo.. . poor me! any sponsors out there? ey Mark Shuttleworth, Sir, buy me this notebook and i promise to install Ubuntu on it and delete all traces of Windows XP in the harddisk. hahaha.. .(joke!) ok can i just dual boot then? πŸ˜€

on a more serious note, i could like save at most 5K PhP per month starting this month. so 43,000 divided by 5000.. . that’s about 9 months in the making. this is not so bad. it’s like a woman getting pregnant (terrible comparison by the way). by then this model would be like those dinosaur bones shown in a museum. LOL.. .

all wishful thinking. i know. but then again it’s only a wish after all.. . as they say, “be careful what you wish for, it just might come true.”

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  7. […] now i’d really take the saying – be careful what you wish for, it might come true – seriously. i didn’t really think i would get one this Christmas. a lot of things were in the way. first the HP laptop i had my eye on is only available in the US. second, who’s gonna bring it here if i were to purchase it there? i don’t trust the couriers and i’ll bet they’d be charging me a lot for insurance. then HP would still have to assemble the laptop and it would only be available on January 9 next year. plus i would be, sort of, forfeiting the warranty and all that since i think HP Philippines won’t honor it here. […]

  8. yamzz says:

    yeah, i think it’s a holiday promo only. check out the Customize button. there are Freebies also. this is a great bargain already!

  9. josabz says:

    cool. and a cheap deal. is this on a sale for the holidays?

  10. yamzz says:

    the one on the webpage mentioned above are all widescreens already

  11. josabz says:

    what about widescreen laptops from HP? arent you considering one? they are really great for dvd movies πŸ™‚

  12. yamzz says:

    yeah? hahaha.. .

    so you saw the HP website already. damn, i have got to get that laptop! there was also a thanksgiving sale too. lots of discounted items. wawa was able to buy a Canon digicam.

  13. Jon says:

    LOL. Dude, I’ll have to agree on the terrible comparison part. I guess that what you thought of first..after all, your sister did just give birth. πŸ™‚

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