weird Skype behavior

perhaps it’s not just me that has noticed this, but Skype has this thing that doesn’t seem so secure – you could simultaneously login to the same Skype account how many times on separate computers.

try to login to your account on one computer, and then do the same on another. you could even like see any message from your contacts on both instances on the computers were you are logged in. imagine if someone had figured out your password and you are having a private and kinda intimate conversation with your girlfriend. that someone could login to your account and actually read every message that you and your girlfriend are currently sending to each other. that’s creepy!


2 thoughts on “weird Skype behavior

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  1. kopete had a Skype plugin before, but development and support seems to have been discontinued a long time ago.

    yeah, it’s a waste of precious desktop “reat estate” space if you have lots of windows open… especially if you have 14-inch laptops.. . ack!

  2. This weird behavior, and the fact that I couldn’t get tabbed conversations on it, plain sux.

    I wonder if Kopete can log in to the Skype network as well..hrm.. šŸ˜€

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