DotA AI Map v 6.40

who says solitaire is the all-time solo game for the bored and pathetic?! (no pun intended) LOLz.. . 😀


DotA 6.40 AI 3.01 has certainly improved a lot. AI heroes are randomly selected at start. you don’t have to type “-rb” anymore. AI heroes are not that stupid either. they know how and will use their “ultimate” or “level 6” skill. watch out, they will kill your hero without hesitation! err.. . maybe not. but they will put up a fight. the only thing that’s lacking is that the AI bots, once it has made up its mind (pretty much calculated i presume) to go somewhere, won’t seem to engage an enemy hero even when it’s nose to nose with it. but it’s still fun nonetheless. try winning with 5 of them against you. good luck!

Get the latest DotA AI map here! (6.40 AI 3.01)

For older DotA AI maps, click here.. .

or go to the official DotA download page for the latest maps and updates.


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12 thoughts on “DotA AI Map v 6.40

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  1. haha…I can solo 5 Insane bots all at once each time. Use sand boots of speed, linkens sphere, assault cuirass, heart of tarrasque, boots of travel and then divine rapier if u want. Its awesome! They never get over like 15. Email me at if u want a replay

  2. u all suck if u can not beat 5 isane bots it was easier then real people if u have warcraft 3 the frozen throne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dota sucks solitaire rules,.!!! hmm.. wait wait i resent that im not pathetic at all! hahahaha 😀 hoi mga dick hehehe i update na ni na mapa .43 AI na ang bag o ahehehe

  4. 6.40 Insane AI bots live up to their name indeed. jackalmurdoc, you must be really good 😉 I can’t even hold a decent game against 3 insane bots.

  5. yet I can defeat all 5 insane AI bots… heheh but only once when I used Venomancer… I just got lucky because I acquired a monkey king bar which gave me +90 bonus damage and an authority to creeps… meaning I can easily kill one creep with one hit…

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