ocean’s 11

and then there were 11.. .

just like that.

not a warning was given.

not even the slightest hint,

of what was to become

on that one fateful Friday.

should we feel sorry for them?

sorry seems like an insult.

dispensable or not.

deserving or not.

unfair. was it not?

makes one really wonder.. .

are we lucky to be still here?

when anytime

they could make you disappear.


8 thoughts on “ocean’s 11

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  1. vulture is too nice. why not a grunt instead! hahaha.. . you have every right to feel that way dude. how they dealt with it, i still say it was unfair.

  2. 11…and the one vulture still lurks up in the penthouse whose pay is equivalent to those of the lost 11 πŸ™‚

    Call me bitter but it’s just me. Cheers!

  3. hahaha.. . “let’s not worry our lives away?”

    indeed! let’s drink our lives away! MORE RED HORSE BEER PLEASE! :p

    and no, i didn’t write the post above. it was the “ghost,” the ghost of focus penthouse.. . bwahahaha.. .

  4. indeed.. . i think this would apply to any other company which has had bad times. the only thing about this is that there was no warning whatsoever. it was the means and not the end that made it like it is now.

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