Bleach theme song

Bleach theme song on keyboards

Title: Rolling Star (minus one)      Artist: YUI     Performed by: JJJ molina sama

Rolling Star Lyrics – Bleach opening theme

Yume ni made mita you na sekai de
Arasoi mo naku heiwa ni kurashitai

Mou gaman baka shiterannai yo
Iitai koto wa iwanakucha
Kaerimichi yuugure no basutei
Ochikonda senaka ni bai bai bai
Kimi no fighting pose misenai gao!

Yume ni made mita you na sekai wa
Arasoi mo naku heiwa no nichi jyou
Demo gen jitsu wa hibi to rabu de
Tama ni kuyandari

shiteru sonna rolling days

Kitto uso nante sou kimi o motanai no

All my loving sou janakya yatterannai

Yume ni made mita you na sweet love
Koibitotachi wa kakuregao sagasu no
Demo gen jitsu wa aenai hi ga
Tsuzukinagara mo shin jiteru no lonely days

Oh yeah oh tsumazuitatte

way to go yeah yeah
Dorodoroke rolling star

I want to live in a world of peace
Without conflict, like the oneI’ve seen in my dreams

I just can’t keep it inside
I’ve gotta say what I wanna say
The bus stop at twilight, on the way home
Saying bye bye bye to the sad backs of others
Your face doesn’t show your fighting pose

A world like the one I’ve seen in dreams
Without conflict, daily peace
But in reality I sometimes worry about
Love and the day to day grind

Those rolling days!

You would never hold a lie, no never
All my loving, without it, I can’t go on

Sweet love like I’ve seen in my dreams
Lovers searching for hidden faces
But in reality the days we can’t meet
Continue on, but I believe lonely days

Oh yeah oh even if you stumble,

way to go, yeah yeah

A muddled rolling star


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5 thoughts on “Bleach theme song

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  1. hmmm.. . must’ve missed that one (fansub group) then. i just like the song that’s why it’s up on my blog.

    for sure i am not trying to get credit here. that would be ridiculous. i don’t even speak a single japanese word, how much more for a sentence or a whole song?

    credit for translation is due to whoever did it.. . peace out! 😉

  2. Quite stealer I see. That is how the Dattebayo translated that song. You are not fer. Next time do not put your name, yet put the name of the fansub group which done the job!

  3. Pingback: Eric
  4. weee……. ur quite the sharinggan user aren’t you….. hehehe maybe u just want to get traffic ei
    … hehhe just joking.. . well it did work you know.. got a lot of traffic coming into my site when I posted this… hehehe happy traffic hunting hehehe

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