Naruto theme song

Posted: February 14, 2007 in next to nothing

Naruto opening theme music video

Title: Yura Yura     Artist: Hearts Grow

Yura Yura Lyrics – Naruto opening theme

yura yura to yuganda sora e
kimi no moto e tonde yuke
zutto soba ni itta kara
aita suki ma oukisugite
namaiki na kimi no suna ona henji
ma de nega sabishii
mirarenai machide
naiteru nara
soba ni inakutemo egao wa todoketai
yura yura to yuganda sora e
kimi no moto e tonde yuke
konna ni mo chikazu ni kanjiteru
futatsu no omoi

In these wavering skies,
I will fly to you.
Since we’ve always been togetherm
the space between us has become too big.
Waiting for your honest reply,
anyone would be lonely.
If you’re crying in the town I can’t see,
even if I’m not with you, my smile will still reach you.
In these wavering skies, I will fly to you.
I can feel it this close,
these two feelings.


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  1. wow! this website is really helpful. I love that song from naruto. In fact the other songs are also great. thanks for posting this video.

  2. yeshi says:

    i love this song!!

  3. Sasuke says:

    Nice naruto theme song…I like it..

  4. yamz says:

    hi Mirko!

    i can’t do what you’ve requested. i am not in the position to distribute these songs. Naruto songs, i’m sure, are copyrighted and i don’t wanna get into some legal issues. hehehe.. . i’m sorry. 😀

  5. mirko says:

    can you send me some naruto song on plzzzzz

  6. Buy naruto says:

    where I can get sound track of naruto shippuuden?

  7. skittles says:

    hey. i was wondering if i could have the mp3 to this? emails thanks if you can!

  8. Sakura-chan says:

    so i will be back
    Just leave the song title for me
    see ya

  9. Sakura-chan says:

    I was wondering if any of you know the song that starts like thatso da skadi shi ni mo …..

  10. yamz says:

    yeah sure… haven’t been blogging for quite a few days. been busy with work. i’ll send you one soon.

  11. kakashi-sensi says:

    If it is possible to send me the MP3 track for Yura Yura, could you send it to


  12. yamz says:

    are you looking for the video or just an mp3 track? i have the mp3 here for yura-yura

  13. tomoyo says:

    anyone know where you can get a downloadable full version of Yura Yura? without using torrent?

  14. yamz says:

    you want a minus one version of Yura Yura?

  15. ron says:

    can i hav a full version minus one of this song?

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