the ring (Naruto version)

ey Naruto fans, i stumbled on this funny comic strip not too long ago. and i would also expect that you’ve seen the movie The Ring too. sadly, the comic Naruto isn’t on the strip. but hey, Sasuke’s there! let me also say that all credits goes to the guy who made this strip. in no way am i trying to claim this as my own.


hahaha! poor Kabuto. what jutsu was he doing when Orochimaru suddenly popped out from behind the sofa? probably ear-splittin-gurl-scream-no-jutsu, eh? look at that pose.. . he looks so gay. while Sasuke acts coolly on this situation as usual. i’ll bet he peed on his pants on this! Holy Crap? what kind of comment is that?! scream or shout for heaven’s sake dude. way to go Orochimaru. you are my number one bad guy after all! 😀


18 thoughts on “the ring (Naruto version)

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  1. omg!! kabuto looked so freakn scarred when orochimaru came!!he lookz lyk hez about 2 pee in his pantz and sasukez face @ the end wuz priceless!!

  2. omg omg omg!! that was so hilarious!! and hell yea caroline!! naruto is the real banger!! i have him on my wall and lots of drawings to 😀 😀 😀

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