longing for coffee.. .

it has been days since i’ve had a good cup of coffee. lately i have been cutting back on my coffee intake. usually, i prefer it brewed. without cream. just a pinch of sugar. good thing we don’t have a coffee machine in the office. the smell of freshly brewed coffee is just too hard to resist. then again those 3-in-1 sachets just makes it even easier to indulge one’s self with coffee. just add hot water and you’re good to go.

i have not been to starbucks that much too. and if i was, maybe twice over the past 3 months, i had a non-caffeinated beverage instead. i got me an apple juice to be more exact!

hahaha.. .


3 thoughts on “longing for coffee.. .

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  1. I’ve heard of this cappuccino drink variety called orange cappuccino? The one I tried was only instant but it tasted good!

  2. they have yet to make one that doesn’t taste like the others. hehehe.. . so maybe i’ve been drinking too much lattes and frappuchinos. and their alternatives, like fruit juices, are not always available. except for the apple juice.

  3. i miss coffee too..great-tasting coffee, that is.

    what happened to your STARBUCKS addiction, by the way? 😛

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