moving out, moving in.. .

a year has already passed since i stepped on the famous Queen City of the South to try my luck in the IT scene.. . “looking for the fabled greener pastures” so to speak. that was may 15, 2006. it is now the 19th of may, 2007. a lot has changed. from a professional bum to a professional. Ahem! so it’s been also a year since i’ve been working as a PHP programmer (primarily), then lately some additional SNA (sytems and network administration) stuff, and some server hosting and configuration blah-blah.. . uummm.. . what else?

for a year i’ve also been living right next to the office. office and home are just in the same compound in some residential area here in Mandaue City, Cebu. maybe by some pre-determined order of things, this place – apartments if you would consider it – is the same place we rented when we were doing on-the-job training here in Cebu. well, almost. it’s just one door away. yeah, it is really some freak coincidence, eh?! that was summer of 2005 then. so come to think of it, this is now my third successive summer in Cebu.

now i’m gonna be moving to a new apartment soon. ooopps.. . we are moving. me and my berkzjoshua a.ka. mabus, romel a.ka. jackal. quite excited if you will! a new place. a new environment. new faces. who knows, perhaps this transfer would be a harbinger of things to come.. .


2 thoughts on “moving out, moving in.. .

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  1. yes i am and will always be Amaroking To.. . i am a Linux fanatic after all. hahaha. .. 😀

    yes there have been changes alright. lots. time flies, eh?

    how are you BTW?

  2. Yamz! It’s been so LONG since the last time I dropped by. It seems like changes are happening. I hope everything will work out for the better. I miss greeting you good morning. heheh..

    Are you still Amaroking to? 🙂

    Take care.

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