getting the feel of a debian

my migration to Kubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn has been great! i haven’t encountered that much problems yet. hibernate didn’t work at first. but i’ve already fixed it. now i’m getting the feel of a Debian-based system. from almost 7 years of RedHat-based Linux to a Debian one in just a snap. it is essentially the same. how one does it in a Debian is what’s different.

for starters, just editing the xorg.conf file by hand isn’t as straightforward in Ubuntu compared to my previous distro – Suse Linux. i have yet to figure out why X fails to start if xorg.conf is edited by hand. KDE home isn’t in some separate directory like /opt. a quick echo `kde-config –prefix` told me that it is in /usr. hell just looking for the .Trash directory got me a bit confused. hahaha.. . there is no /etc/inittab too.

there must be a million other things i have yet to familiarize myself with in Ubuntu. just one baby step at a time though.. . i’ll get there soon enough. i am loving Ubuntu very much!


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