13 sent items

superstition is silly. don’t you think? i am not one to believe that it is bad luck to walk under a ladder or if a black cat crosses one’s path. 7 years of bad luck if you broke a mirror? yeah right! bad luck if the mirror broke and you ended up with a big nasty cut on your face. LOLz! 😀

however i am always surprised that whenever i check my cellphone’s Sent Items folder, the total items is almost always 13. i didn’t really bother about this at first. but i have a habit of checking how many messages are in my Sent Items folder every now and then. and finding out that there are exactly 13 items in it has been happening more frequently. it is becoming very weird indeed. just a few minutes ago it happened again. there would be days where i would check the folder 2 to 3 times and the number of items in it is 13.

you think this is some kind of freak coincidence? maybe there are as many chances as getting 13 items in the folder, as with some other number. i just don’t take notice of it since there is an infinite number of numbers in the universe. but my Sent Items folder can only hold a finite number, and 13 is quite a striking number.. .


3 thoughts on “13 sent items

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  1. creepy…

    get ready for super freaky midnight calls coming from a dead lady…

    maki phone sex pa jud!


  2. maybe your fon is busted… u know wat u should get a new fon a fon that suits u.. hehehe as for superstitious events that is happing on your fon, just let the number of sent messages increment so that it would pass by the number 13 once, just like mine… i got 2400 messages in my inbox and 2100 plus messages in my sent items… and i have no intention of setting it back to zero.. hehehe

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