the flower & the bee

the flower & the bee

then the bee ventured to a meadow one day,

and there upon a gray-hued flower he chanced,

and the flower called on him to rest at her side,

that from the sun’s searing breath he may hide.

the flower looked with interest in her eyes,

startled at the bee’s seeming guise,

and spoke of an acquaintance she once had:

“i have seen you before, or was it just a dream,

for you look like someone i knew and liked, it seems?”

“there are, undoubtedly, many in this world like me,”

replied the bee,

“one would only open one’s eyes and see.

but sight is not as perfect as one may have believed,

one must be careful not to be deceived.”

“surely it is not with my sight that i decide,

and it is not much of your sight that i like.

however, it is because you are perfectly you,

or maybe because i am simply me,

and that is why i am caught up in you.”

“thank you. you are most honest and kind.

such qualities, in others, not many you’ll find.

and you are, doubtless, a pretty flower there may be.

yet, i cannot bring myself to pretend,

for doing so would only mean a lie

and may cause someone to be hurt in the end.

but one would only open one’s eyes to see

that the world is full of surprises and glee,

and i have opened my eyes and seen

other things which only my heart could discern.

soon our ways would come to part,

and time would devour these longings in our hearts.

and i have things to do and lessons to learn,

other things which only my heart could discern…”


12 thoughts on “the flower & the bee

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  1. hoy naunsa mo dha? nyahahaha.. . πŸ˜€ gay dois!

    wala na koy ma post, so ako nalang ni gi-post. this was already posted at someone else’s blog last year. hehehe.. .

  2. heheheh haha mas BB ka bayut bayut ka romelyn, hehehe naghugaw? ala oi taka rman ka dili pa cya ani daghan comments hehehehe πŸ˜€ Ymmy SB ka? yohooo aha man ka karon doi? hehehehhe πŸ˜€

  3. hahahahah kayawa kick ass,, hahahahaha

    sa bisaya pana doi,,

    “Nakita na nako ang kayahag sa imong edoy sa wla pa nko na dunggan imong ngan”

  4. wat poem? the EDOY poem? OMG WTF! sheet yamz, you nver shed some bits of binary info about this hahahahah πŸ˜€

    Rowena ROmelyn bayut!!2 whahahahaha

  5. “I saw your dick before I heard your name” – joanne –> I’m laughing my heart out… ahahha doi.. kick ass jud au cya doi. ahahha… joanna ~ his gayness.. ahhaha

  6. Wow Chada nagi to na poem Junelle,, naa koi counter ato napoem i think maka relate mo 3 ni raphaela ug romelyn. =)) heheheheh.


    here we lay not a gym card between us
    not a six-pack to be seen, but some empties nearby

    I saw your dick before I heard your name
    and knew what I wanted before I knew who you were

    the only Masters I’ve heard mentioned were in the bar nearby
    and I could never describe what’s in one of those drinks

    all I know of Fire Island is the dune buggies are deadly
    and it’s basically a high-priced sand bar and sound system

    all I wonder when they play her records
    is whether she has a last name on her license

    you wonder how I listen to such awful noise
    ask I put on something else as we take things off

    you’ve been in one room and seen all my furniture
    you’ve seen my social life when you met my cat

    our only investments will be sheltered in latex
    and portfolios limited to the look of what you’ve drawn

    yet here we lay, laughing louder than the shades
    in the labels of the shirts that would bounce my rent

    no morning pretense of what’s passed between us
    and promised phone calls/e-mails might perhaps even be

    as amid the bewilderment of our necessary ritual
    something odd, genuine, makes a bare coy cameo

    a misfit fit jigsaws briefly into place



    Im one of those who know the meaning of “EDOY”
    wehehehhehe ROmellyn Bayutt!!! hahahha

  7. whaaa……… so gay ka doi.. so gay.. bayuuuuut… hehehe but nevertheless I want to give you an utter display of myself being amused to what you have written here… you seem so explicitly expressive on your last posts.. can you update us… naman oh, on your love life… interested kami makilala kung sino yang nagpapatibok nag edoy mo.. aw. i mean. puso mo pala… ahahah lolz… ahihihi… a couple of beers will do ahahha… savvy?

    P.S. (I hope I wont get banned for saying the word “edoy”.) -> don’t worry there are only a small number of people who knows the meaning… =))

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