the long weekend

Posted: June 5, 2007 in next to nothing

back to work! waaaaa! i hate mondays. but in this case, tuesday is my monday for this week. and i am so eager to get back to work.. . coz i’m only after the Internet connection. LOLz! 😀 i had a long weekend. and it seemed to be the longest one without going online. felt weird. i felt so disconnected from the world.

quick, get me a dial-up or something even slower! i’d happily have one than nothing at all.. . at least i’m still connected.

  1. rockchiq910 says:

    damn! guess what happened to me after two days?!

  2. yamz says:

    local dialect is not allowed on my blog your majesty, queen of gayness! hahaha. .. speak in english!

    no internet sucks! waaaaaaaaaaa…..

  3. trevayne says:

    no connection means no idoi! hahahahahaha 😀 dick jud ka doi aha kaha ka nag laag sa imong weekend doi hahha nag uban mo magda? or basig na uban mo NILO hahahaha 😀

  4. meowmeow says:

    no internet connection is like abstaining from smoking, right?

    gee, me too! i’m dying to get my hands on something. it’s frustrating to wait.

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