paris hilton gets fat in jail

paris fatparis hilton is one sexy and pretty chick. i must admit that. in her reality TV shows, and even in her famous homemade video, she always looked skinny. but in this picture of the hotel heiress, she actually looks fat! man, look at those hips and upper legs. but i can easily remember those legs spread wide apart as she was taken from behind in that sensational homemade video where she was lead actor. oops! LOLz.. . 😀 and those legs definitely didn’t look fat. or maybe i was just too focused on something else?

then again it could just be the photo, eh?  what do you think?

this photo of paris hilton was taken moments after she was released from an L.A. all-women’s correctional facility, where she supposedly spent only 3 weeks of the 45-day sentence she got from judge sauer. one of the reasons – good behavior. how she got into prison? umm. .. driving with an expired license. driving under the influence of alcohol. reckless driving.. . ok just read it here.


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  1. She said she was unable to eat in prison but obviously that’s not true at all.. And i saw a recent pic of her in a brown wig (much better for her than blonde. She looks ten years younger with brown hair, BTW) and she had gained a LOT of weight. Bizarro World.. very weird to see.

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