coffee addiction down to a bowl

my coffee addiction has hit an all time high in terms of peculiarity, today. or is it an all time low in terms of stupidity? errr.. .let’s stick to peculiar. my thirst for the dark-hued wake-upper has gone down to drinking it from a bowl. yes! and a cheap plastic bowl at that! like one would slurp hot soup from out of a bowl, i was already slurping down 2 bowls of instant coffee before i realized how silly it must’ve looked like! nyahahaha.. .

drinking coffee from a bowl is one odd experience. something i would really not want to do again, but i would not mind doing it for a second or third time either. so why drink coffee from a bowl? well.. . i would say it’s the lack of coffee mugs that made me do it. should i blame the office for failing to provide enough mugs to its coffee-drinking populace? is this ingenuity? for finding a way to drink coffee without using a mug.  or is it just plain laziness? when a lot of used mugs lie in the kitchen sink just waiting to be cleaned and i never even bothered to wash one!


3 thoughts on “coffee addiction down to a bowl

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  1. no! its called resourcefulness during times of need.. . hahaha 😛 i needed something to hold the coffee, the bowl presented itself as the best candidate for this at that time.

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