the word of changing

Posted: August 15, 2007 in next to nothing

my battle warlock polymorphs into a huge horned demon with the massive wingspan, razor-sharp claws, leathery hide and all.. . would be kewl if it could spew out fire, but then that would be a dragon already. LOLz! 😀

warlock morphs to demon 2

warlock morphs to demon 1

Word of Changing
Caster Level(s): Warlock 4
Invocation Type: Dark
Spell Level Equivalent: 5
You utter a powerful word that transforms you into a fearsome horned devil for 60 seconds per caster level.

that is the ‘word of changing’ invocation of the warlock class in action up there. the guides say that you shouldn’t get this spell at all. i say what the heck! this spell makes my warlock look ultra nasty. anyway i hardly do offensive invocations at this level at all. i slug it out like a true warrior. i am a battle warlock after all. spellcasting? i leave that to my spellcasters Elanee and Sand. but in this case Zhjaeve takes up the slot for Sand.

bring it on reavers! we’ll grind you to a pulp and send you back to the shadows from whence you came.. . nyahahaha!

  1. […] been neck-deep with NeverWinter Nights 2 for the whole month of august that i was just able to make one post on my blog that month!  talk about neglect.  right now, i am still not done with the last act […]

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