gone to neverwinter.. . please leave a message

NWN2 - The Eyeadventuring takes up a lot of one’s time. something like a month’s worth of time.. . blogging time. i’ve been neck-deep with NeverWinter Nights 2 for the whole month of august that i was just able to make one post on this blog that month! talk about neglect. right now, i am still not done with the last act (3). on my way to the mountain of the dragons now, where i supposedly will know the secret to reforging the fabled githyanki silver sword. ooohh…. can’t wait to see what it looks like and what its properties will be. for sure it will be an awesome blade.. . much like (but not too much) that preposterous papyrus katana that seems to have been overly imbued with all those bonus feats and ridiculous pluses to its attack damage. i wonder if one could really get that without typing in `giveitem rolls20` on the NWN2 console? hmmm.. . aha, so you’ve been cheating?! no i haven’t. just wanted to try this sword out. seems almost unfair to the bad guys though.

oh well, it’s almost time. i’ll be gone to neverwinter.. . please leave a message.


5 thoughts on “gone to neverwinter.. . please leave a message

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  1. i am not really sure Kat. neverwinter nights 2 has been around for quite some time already. i think it was released around middle of 2006. so i guess it’s not new.. .

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