“zeroing in” hits page 1

weee.. . my blog zeroing in almost always lands on the first page of Google & Yahoo!, The search giants. just type the keyword “zeroing in” and it should be there. how wonderful! it should depend on the data center in Google’s case. but i’ve also tried using IPs from the US & Canada and zeroing in still comes out on the first page. that’s top 10, thank you. i’ve been waiting for this for a long time. funny it should be like this. lately i haven’t been very active with blogging. while i won’t consider myself an avid blogger, i would say that i love to blog or read other people’s blogs.

i don’t know why i came up with a crazy title like zeroing in. perhaps it is because of my strong predilection with the number zero. well it’s more like the numbers zero and one. but zero sounds more cool. i often name my computer, or in chat rooms use the nick – zero (with some variations as this nick is common and is therefore used/registered often).

hmmm.. . i wonder how long it would stay up there? well i hope my blog stays at the first page when the search term “zeroing in” is used.

LOLz! 😀

what’s this self-praise?

congratz to me!


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