the ghost of a song

it was years ago when i first heard this song. quite a sad song. but it was a hit, nonetheless. hearing it again last June 24 (that was a Tuesday) gave me goosebumps all over. .. . and suddenly this song has been stuck in my head for a week now. i used to know the lyrics of this song. while it’s been playing in my head for a week, i find myself trying to sing to the tune, yet not quite doing it.. . like i was groping around in total darkness.

so now, i got a copy of it from my officemate’s stash of mp3s hidden somewhere in his workstation. googled for the lyrics (and i’m sharing it with you). currently looping forever on my Amarok. i’m gonna play this song until i get out of the office today. for those who have not heard this song yet, you should hear it. i don’t know how you can obtain a copy. it should be available somewhere on the Net. or see the video below. Enjoy!

Title: Balisong

Artist: Rivermaya

Album: Between The Stars And Waves

Year: 2003

Your face lights up the sky on the highway.
Someday, you’ll share your world with me someday.
You mesmerize me with diamond eyes;
I try to fool myself to think I’ll be alright.
But I am losing all control –
My mind, my heart, my body and my soul

Never in my life have I been more sure,
So come on up to me and close the door.
Nobody’s made me feel this way before;
You’re everything I wanted and more.

To speak or not to; where to begin.
The great dilemmas I’m finding myself in.
For all I know you only see me as a friend.
I try to tell myself wake up fool; this fairy tale’s got to end.

Never in my life have I been more sure,
So come on up to me and close the door.
Nobody’s made me feel this way before;
You’re everything I wanted (more). (Repeat 2x)

You’re everything I wanted


balisong, by the way, is the filipino term for a butterfly knife. it is commonly manufactured in Batangas (Philippines), and in fact, has made the people from this locality known for making this particular knife.


i don’t really see the relation of the knife to this song. is it because it cuts?



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  1. wow, nice information you have here. but you sound pissed? LOL! 😀 i was just speculating. how old was KC @ that time? this song was like 5 years ago.. .

    and balisong in baguio?

    songs have a way of reaching out to its audience, even if the songwriter didn’t intend it to be that way. like for instance, notice the third line on the third stanza? ouch! it `cuts you up` doesn’t it? just like a knife would if you are not careful. hence the title of the song seems so appropriate.. . in an unintentional way.

  2. yo! the song was believed to be dedicated for KC Concepcion (before they used to be linked w/ each other i guess).. So, when rico blanco had a gig somewhere in baguio, KC asked for pasalubong and it’s the balisong that she asked to have.. However, Rico forgot to buy it for KC.. He remembered the balisong when he’d seen KC’s billboard.. (u see the intro says: “Your face lights up the sky on the highway”). That’s when he wrote the balisong song w/o any balisong lyric found on it.. got it?

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