the outrageous Globe iPhone Plans

have you seen the iPhone Plans of Globe? it is purely ridiculous! Oh, my God! i can’t believe it. :O whatever was in their minds to make it that way?

“There are exciting Postpaid and Prepaid offers!” Exciting indeed?! it’s so exciting, its outrageously frustrating. any regular Filipino Globe subscriber would be shocked at what Globe is offering.

so now it’s gonna be Plan B. get an iPhone somewhere else (or not!). Globe’s offer is not an option for me. who cares about the updates or the itunes or whatever. i just want a new phone and the iPhone looks cool. in reality, it lacks a lot of things from the ones that the old cellphone makers have been offering us for a long time.

for one, the iPhone doesn’t have Bluetooth. it has this camera but can’t shoot videos! plus many of the features with the new iPhone are not very usable for me. hell i’ll bet majority of the Filipino texters/users won’t have a good use for it. GPS, 3G, Microsoft Exchange.. . WTF?! i am Pro-Linux. to hell with checking my email using Microsoft’s email clients or syncing it with my Desktop Linux. all i wanna do is call, text, listen to music and play some lousy games with the iPhone, and Look Good doing it.


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