laundry day

Posted: September 24, 2008 in next to nothing

it was noon on a Sunday, my tummy was already grumbling from having not eaten anything since morning. hurriedly putting into a bag what i had to bring to the laundry shop, i went out of the apartment not knowing what was about to happen. as i hurriedly walked towards the laundry shop, i was just a few meters away from it when one of my flip-flop’s (tsinelas) strap just snapped! .. .you know that part where you slip your big toe and the next toe in? i was literally dragging my right foot as i made those last few steps towards the laundry shop.


i didn’t wanna go back to the apartment to change into something else. well, i didn’t have an extra set of flip-flops in the first place so it was either change into shoes or drag my foot a couple hundred meters coz i stil had to eat lunch. i decided to just drag my foot.

on the way to the eatery i was walking awkwardly. it is very hard to walk while you are trying to let one of your flip-flops cling desperately to your foot. and i’ll bet i looked funny doing it. inside i was laughing hysterically. maybe a ridiculous grin was already on my face although i didn’t realize it.

it started to rain heavily when i was about to finish eating. “great, just great!” i stayed there for a while and lit a cigarrette to pass away the time. the rain mellowed after a few minutes, so there i was again dragging my foot, while this time, the water on the street made it even more diffcult for me. “this is so stupid!” there was no other choice for me but to stop walking on those flip-flops (at least just one, since the other was still good). so i grabbed the right one and started walking barefoot. hahaha.. .! there i was a flip-flop in one hand while the other was still on my left foot, a bit wet from my head down to my shoulders from the drizzle. it just looked funny. i looked laughable!


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