google stole my lunch!

Posted: September 26, 2008 in next to nothing

with the coming out of the G1 Phone/Android OS from Google, i was really excited on hearing about this and finding out its really cool features. it became a hot topic during lunch in the office yesterday, so i was going yackety-yack about it while eating that i didn’t notice the guys covertly, but hastily, digging their forks into the lechon paksiw (roasted pig and cooked some more in oil, vinegar plus spices) that i shared with them. LOL!

not that i mind at all, but when i was about to get another bite my fork raked the bottom of the plate instead. i was like, “whoa, where’s the lechon?!” and everbody was laughing again. hahaha!

i guess i got so heated up on Google’s new OS for mobile phones that i forgot to eat! 🙂


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