.. .the next 5 billion

“Ultimately our mission is to enable sustained social and economic opportunity for those at the middle and bottom of the world’s economic pyramid—the next 5 billion people.”

source: http://rivet.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/greg-goes-to-china/

WOW! all i can say is `wow` on this mission statement. i mean come on.. . who wouldn’t get wow-ed at it?! it’s pretty impressive ain’t it? that’s pure capitalist thinking and i bet it’s been working so far. well, i know it has been for a while.. .

if what i remember, from what i’ve read, is correct, Chinese students are getting a genuine copy of MS Windows and MS Office (bundled, i guess) for around $10 USD. another WOW! if you are not some tech junkie or can’t even operate a cellphone for texting, $10 is super cheap for a very popular & successful operating system in the business of computing!

so how come this is only happening in China, Bill?

there are lots of underdeveloped countries in Asia that have pirated copies of Windows installed in their computers, i’m sure. why not give them the same chance? if you want your software in everyone’s computer so much, give the people who can’t afford the means to do so.. . not just China.

there’s like 90 million people here in the Philippines. i wonder how many has a pirated copy of Windows installed on his/her machine. you can count me out, i use Linux. and my Windows was genuine, thanks to HP/Compaq. my desktop has a genuine copy courtesy of La Korporasyon. (ssshhhh.. . LOL!) while there is of course a free alternative, training the people and all that, i think, will still cost a lot if we migrate to open-source. and that ain’t gonna happen soon, or never will, especially with the current Philippine political situation .. .

but it would really help a lot if public schools and offices can purchase genuine copies of Windows at very cheap rates. while the money allocated for the ridiculously high-priced operating system and office-suite can go to other projects to help the people.

sad.. . 😦


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  1. do you know how much it costs for a copy of Windows Vista and MS Office 2008 here? it’s around $100 for the OS, and maybe close to $500 for the office suite. ouch! and MS has been active on their war against piracy here long enough. give us cheaper (like China) rates and you’ll combat piracy effectively! 🙂

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