it does boot fast!

that was my reaction after Presto got to the desktop in a few seconds. well that was the only thing i really wanted to see.. . if it would really live up to its hype. so far it does and i’m a wee bit impressed. haven’t gotten to test all the features. not that there’s anything new. i’ve use most Linux apps in there, so it doesn’t surprise me. what i wanted to try was the Application Store. but the PC i used to test Presto out didn’t have an internet connection. Boo! perhaps i might try it again later at home? Quite certainly!

oh, it might just be me but the initial boot seems to have taken longer than the subsquent ones. perhaps its Linux trying to adjust to the hardware? but i swear the boot times that came after were really fast.

seems like you did a good job Xandros! hurray for more user-friendly Linux desktops! šŸ™‚


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