problem connecting to Yahoo! using Kopete?

Since last week I have had trouble connecting to Yahoo! using Kopete.  I guess the same holds true for those who are using Pidgin.  At first I thought my Amarok was just eating up too much bandwidth since I was streaming party music from Cool Streams.  So I didn’t really bother connecting to Yahoo, exiting it (Kopete) after it was unable to login to my account.

Today I tried connecting to Yahoo again.  This time Amarok wasn’t streaming.  After some time I still didn’t see any buddy icons in the list.  Strange.  I checked the connection status and it said, “Connecting.”  I tried changing the status from offline to online several times and waited several minutes without any success. Just to be sure that Kopete wasn’t doing anything stupid, I added my Google Talk account.  It connected fast after the setup!  Ok this calls for some google-ing!

I Googled for any news that was affecting Kopete from connecting to the Yahoo! message service.. .  And there it was! A lot of people using Kopete, and Pidgin as well, were having the same problems.  Here is a link to the bug that was reported to

So for a quick and temporary fix, they suggested to change servers.  From the default you should change your server to either of the following:


You can change this by going to Settings > Configure > Accounts.  Then select your Yahoo! account, press Modify Account.  Change to the Account Preferences tab.  Check Override default server information then edit to either of the ones above.

The port is still 5050.

Both servers 1 and 2 didn’t work for me, though some people confirmed that it worked for them.  Only server 3 allowed me to connect.

Try it out and welcome back online!


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  1. As I’ve posted above, the bug thread for this problem can be found here:

    Supposedly, they have already fixed the problem a few months ago but for the newer KDE versions only. A backport was in order so they should have the fix for KDE version 4.3. and 4.2 by now. It’s been 2 months already.

    Try to update your KDE if you can.

  2. I am sorry to hear that Javid.

    My Ubuntu drive crashed and along with it everything not too long ago. Due to time constraints, I have not been able to get a new hard drive and install another Ubuntu on it. Maybe soon. So as of now I am not too updated about it.

    Have you tried asking other pidgin users on Ubuntu? I think Pidgin has updated their Yahoo authentication code so users don’t have to do the above, w/c is just a workaround.

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