PC hardware problems

Posted: July 13, 2009 in next to nothing

just great!   just a week or so after my NVidia 8800 GT died, my primary hard drive becomes unreadable.  it’s an old 80GB IDE drive from SeaGate, where my bootloader and Kubuntu 9.04 resides.  it is a good thing i made the Windows drive the secondary.  at least the default option to write MBR upon installing Kubuntu defaults to the primary disk,  or i would’ve had to do something with it on Windows.

and so everything in that drive is lost.  i think it is.  BIOS can still recognize the drive but it takes forever to read it.  there goes the movies and everything.  and my freakin pictures in HK, Singapore and all those i’ve collected through my years of stay here in Cebu. . .  shit!  now i just realized that i don’t have backups of it.  waaaaa! =(  i do have selected pictures uploaded but the originals.. .


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