tuesday clean day

mmouse_n_broomstuesdays are “clean my room” days.  at least that’s how i planned it to be.  but in between doing something else, or pretending to do something else just so i can excuse myself from cleaning my room, and actually cleaning my room,  the first one wins most of the time.

surpise, surprise!  i do manage to clean my room several times a month.  if it’s not really cleaning, then it’s partially doing what is close to cleaning or arranging stuff  that is lying about everywhere in my ugly mess of a room.  but hey, i’m a guy, that’s normal.. .  😛

for this day however, i mustered enough will to get off of my lazy ass, drag my feet to the nearest grocery store and purchase some cleaning materials.  yep, it was quite a feat for me. i didn’t want to do it today.  i woke up very late and the weather outside was a bit gloomy.  no sun, cloudy and looks like it was gonna rain. but then somebody has to and there is certainly nobody else to clean my room except myself.

two hours later, my room is organized and my bathroom spic and span!  i gathered my clothes for the laundry and off they went to the cleaners.  phew!  that wasn’t hard.  i have got to do this more often.  hahaha.. .

after taking a bath and a smoke break, i liked what i was seeing before me.  a clean room!  and to top it all, my toilet bowl was so clean and shiny, i actually didn’t wanna shit on it.  🙂


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