Front panel audio jack not working on Ubuntu?

Got a new Sony MBR-XB500 headphones (with extra bass) last week and it seemed to be well worth it.  Except that I ran into a few problems when I plugged it into my desktop front panel audio jack.  No sound came out both on Ubuntu 10.04 and even on Windows XP. The rear jack worked... Continue Reading →


Yahoo! Mail has not been tested with your operating system

Seriously, I am so sick and tired of this warning that Yahoo! Mail gives out when you are not using Windows or a Mac.  For fuck's sake get rid of that warning Yahoo! Perhaps everyone in the Linux or BSD community already know that and we're not dumb idiots like so many of the Windows... Continue Reading →

ADSL connections on Kubuntu 9.04

What Does NOT Work KNetworkManager can't manage ADSL connections.  Don't waste your time searching the web for solutions. It's not worth it in the end. WIDC won't work.  I never understood what WIDC was supposed to do.  It endlessly scanned my machine and got nothing.  The configuration options is a mess as well.  It doesn't... Continue Reading →

the pattern (\n|.)* and PHP Segmentation Fault

the pattern: (\n|.)* what it does: this is a nice regular expression pattern that spans multiple lines. example: pattern used - <label>Address:(\n|.)*<label>Website: <div id='cominfo_hdr_div'>Company Information</div>¶ ¶ <label>Address:</label><br>¶ 33rd Flr. PBCom Tower, Ayala Ave., Corner Herrera St.<br>Makati City, Metro Manila <br><br>¶ <label>Website:</label><br>¶ <br><br> ¶ <label>More Information</label><br>¶ --- this is very useful for parsing text from... Continue Reading →

How to make go faster

this has been around for a while.  i'm posting this on my blog because i keep on forgetting the steps.  at least i don't have to search the web for it now.  and i'm spreading the `love` too!  hehe.. . 😛 here are the three (3) easy steps to make your start up faster. ... Continue Reading →

non-KDE app filechooser trick

did you ever get annoyed of that non-KDE application using KDE's native file chooser taking up the entire width of your screen whenever it is opened?  this seems to be a common and persistent problem for non-KDE applications that use the KDE file chooser to open or save files.  a good example of this is... Continue Reading →

FireCrash or FailFox? you choose.

for something so advanced a browser as Firefox, it certainly fails at handling javascript exceptions/errors.  it crashes a lot in its Linux version.  Konqueror, on the other hand, informs you that a certain javascript app is causing some kind of error and let's you choose to disable it or continue.  Kudos Konqueror! 😀 i love... Continue Reading →

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