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.. .the next 5 billion

“Ultimately our mission is to enable sustained social and economic opportunity for those at the middle and bottom of the world’s economic pyramid—the next 5 billion people.” source: WOW! all i can say is `wow` on this mission statement. i mean come on.. . who wouldn't get wow-ed at it?! it's pretty impressive ain't... Continue Reading →

today, the dream comes true!

KDE 4 is the forthcoming series of releases of the K Desktop Environment. The first version (4.0) of this series is scheduled for release on 11 January 2008.[1] The new series includes updates to several of KDE’s core components, notably a port to Qt 4. It will contain a new multimedia API, called Phonon, a... Continue Reading →

“zeroing in” hits page 1

weee.. . my blog zeroing in almost always lands on the first page of Google & Yahoo!, The search giants. just type the keyword "zeroing in" and it should be there. how wonderful! it should depend on the data center in Google's case. but i've also tried using IPs from the US & Canada and... Continue Reading →

a G kind of Linux

i just heard of this new Linux distro that supposedly sold out @ it's name.. . gOS. sounds like a Mac eh? and from the screenshot, it looks like one too! but wait, all over the desktop you can already distinguish familiar icons. going over to the gOS website, you can find more subtle... Continue Reading →

NWN2 – playing the unplayable

NWN2. short for NeverWinter Nights 2. this is the sequel to the hit role-playing computer game NeverWinter Nights. released last 2006. this game is based on the dungeons & dragons 3.5 edition rules. i won't say much about this game. except that it's one of the few games that i don't wanna miss playing. supposedly... Continue Reading →

paris hilton gets fat in jail

paris hilton is one sexy and pretty chick. i must admit that. in her reality TV shows, and even in her famous homemade video, she always looked skinny. but in this picture of the hotel heiress, she actually looks fat! man, look at those hips and upper legs. but i can easily remember those legs... Continue Reading →

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