nexuiz: a quake-like open source game for Linux

this game, Nexuiz, adds to the handful of games i play on Linux. i just stumbled upon it by accident last night, after i also discovered yet another kewl game on Linux - Open Arena. Nexuiz is a fast paced, 3D, first-person shooter game like Quake. it has very good graphics and effects. you can... Continue Reading →


Windows XP: FREE 10-year support

here's an interesting chat i recently had with this M$ marketing chick. i was asking her what Vista i should buy.. . then the chat turned from one thing to another. basically she told me that Windows XP will be supported for another 10 years or so. maybe give or take a few. woohooo! i... Continue Reading →

updated Gnome main menu

Here's a preview of the updated Gnome Main Menu. Isn't it nicknamed the slab? What is it with SuSE/Novell and main menus? It seems like they have an obsession for it.  However, I personally like what developments they have made with the main menus for both Gnome and KDE (kickoff). The main menu is probably... Continue Reading →

“gnuola” the open-source cola

unpack the tar-cola package. configure --prefix=/usr/local/brewer shake shake install -------------------------------------------- disclaimer: ok so it's not really called gnuola. i just couldn't help it. LOLz.. . 😀 they call it the OpenCola. mind you it is a brand name. and Yes it (the source code) is licensed under the GNU General Public License.     License:... Continue Reading →

save the cheerleader, save the world

"They thought they were like everyone else... until they woke with incredible abilities." funny but when i was younger (i'm still young now. hehehe.. .) i had this recurring dream of me flying. i would see myself rise from bed and then float towards a corner, inches from the ceiling. always the same corner of... Continue Reading →

Araw ng Xavier Days

as redundant as it may sound, these 4 words - Araw ng Xavier Days - has been around for as long as i've been a student of Xavier University. Araw ng Xavier Days literally means Day of Xavier Days, or Xavier Days Day, the word araw being a Filipino term for day. so the phrase... Continue Reading →

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