Trailing Slash In WordPress Permalink Causes 404 Error In IE

Prettifying a URL is an old technique.  It is generally called URL Rewriting.  Why should you do this?  For one, it's better to look at it.  A URL that has "?s=1&sid=4752891&gn=0&.rand=99olqituu202iqzx37a6" after the domain name, can be quite confusing and unpleasant to look at for those who don't understand it.  Secondly, re-written URLs are more... Continue Reading →


Creating A Static Front Page With WordPress

For new WordPress users trying to set up a website and using the former as a CMS, this is usually among the first questions asked.  This is really easy.  In fact the WordPress Codex has it all written down step by step here. Then usually, the next question after having done the steps is, "I... Continue Reading →

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