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ocean’s 11

Posted: February 11, 2007 in work work

and then there were 11.. .

just like that.

not a warning was given.

not even the slightest hint,

of what was to become

on that one fateful Friday.

should we feel sorry for them?

sorry seems like an insult.

dispensable or not.

deserving or not.

unfair. was it not?

makes one really wonder.. .

are we lucky to be still here?

when anytime

they could make you disappear.


certain decisions must be made soon. and it is up to you to decide which one to take.. . but i guess that choice has already been made for you. you really thought it was you who decided, didn’t you?

.. .on the one hand, you can go on and continue believing what you’ve always believed in since you first woke up into the World of Computers.

ignorance is bliss after all.

on the other you will know the truth.

that you are a slave and have been one since you entered the World.

you thought you were free because there was nothing else in the first place. that you didn’t have a choice. that you really didn’t know much to begin with. that it is the only thing.

but the real deal is that you were forced to it. they really didn’t tell you anything. and they can’t be blamed either. they too were blindly following the ones before them.

i know you. you would readily spit at the choice rather than consider what is being offered. how could you be such an ignorant fool? at least stop being a hypocrite and bow down before the Gates. pay what’s due!

you laugh at me because i am different. i mock you because you are all the same.

and for what?

because you refuse to see beyond. because you refuse to understand. because you refuse to choose.

you will never be free.

it is not because i am here and you are not. never will i pretend that this is better. nor will i say that where you are now is paradise. it is only because you constanlty refuse to consider the choice that is being given to you.


Posted: September 18, 2006 in work work

.. .while waiting for my darned script to finish (it seems ridiculously slow), i’ll just write a few things here.

once again i’m at it. back to where i was a few months ago – working ’til the wee hours of the morning that is. and now it seems i’ve surpassed my previous record of staying up as late as 3am. yesterday it was 4am. top that!

maybe tonight i’ll extend it a bit more. what’s another hour anyway?

5am should be reasonable enough.

yet another Pinoy invention!

Posted: September 12, 2006 in work work


standing tall among all the other edifices in some residential neighborhood, this 3-storey construct that was originally meant as living quarters for lease is home to one not-so-conspicuous IT/outsourcing company where i work.

the office environment is homey and simple. with a bunch of 64-bit personal computers sitting on a round table in groups of 4. big LCD screens in silver frames, one could easily mistake if for an internet cafe. not quite what you would expect from a BPO company.

the tables and chairs are so ‘native.’ polished wood. rattan make. even the blinds are made from bamboo.

and to top that not-so-typical look is the door lock to the men’s rest room –
a barbecue-stick door lock!

yet another Pinoy invention?

reminder to me:

Posted: September 4, 2006 in linux, work work

over the past 6 years i’ve installed Linux on different machines countless times. from one distro to another. one upgrade after another. most of the time it’s for desktop use only.

always, i’ve managed to secure copies of important data and valuable applications before i wiped the harddisks clean. but if there’s one thing i haven’t learned out of all those installs, it’s making backups of my applications’ customized configurations and themes. just when i’m already feeling so comfy with my Linux desktop environment, there’s always that one thing that makes me wanna upgrade into a newer version of my favorite distro (or maybe try out another one) and then i’m back to square one!

last night was not an exception (thank God this was for my office workstation, so i’m not so particular with the details). after copying important files to another harddisk, i carelessly proceeded to re-partition my disk without even thinking about saving the configurations and themes of my KDE applications. so now i have to do it all over again. but this is one of the fun things of having a Linux desktop on your comptuer. you get to do it however you like it.

so let this be a reminder to me.

— post #16 —

Posted: July 28, 2006 in linux, work work

this week i’ve been having troubles on my OpenSuSE Linux. it seems to be awfully slow. sluggish to be exact. i’m almost always using the same applications during work — Quanta for PHP programming, Firefox, Amarok for music, Kmail (for what else?), Kopete for chatting (hehe.. .), a little of Kspread, and the all-in-one Konqueror. everything was fine before.

hmmm.. . what could be wrong? a memory leak in one of these applications perhaps?


Posted: July 25, 2006 in work work

a faint tapping sound arose in the wee hours of the morning.. . like the sound of someone, something pounding rapidly on plastic tiles.. . and then a slight hesitation. a pause. the sound of a chair being moved backward and forward echoed within the walls of the small rectangular partition that is at the topmost floor of the building. noises. like muffled footsteps. it stopped. plop, plop.. . like someone, something dropping a good-sized rock into a pool. and then another. and then another. the clickety-clank of cutlery follows. metal to metal. stirring. the constant droning sound of a machine nearby seemed so distant. cold air floated heavily around. then the door squeaked open.. . a rush of air.. . footsteps again. this time in a hurried manner. fading. . . fading.. .

have you seen the ghost of focus penthouse?