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wanted: True Warrior

Posted: January 27, 2009 in World of Warcraft

oh you poor thing. tsk, tsk, tsk.. . how really pitiful of you. rofl!
.. .you are rooted to the ground with frost nova. with you helplessly going nowhere, the mage then proceeds to make a practice dummy out of you. you instantly grab your shield for protection; a desperate act in a desperate situation; a move that forces you in a defensive stance. yes, hide behind that puny excuse of resistance and prepare to reflect the mage’s next spell on you. but oh, unless you’ve forgotten, mages are very intelligent creatures. the clever mage fakes a cast, you curl up immediately behind that piece of scrap metal for that next damaging blow, and you’ve successfully taken the bait. one wasted move. now bolts after bolts of ice are speeding your way. uuuggh! fodder indeed. but you survive. of course! you are a warrior after all, stamina is only second to your strength.

after you’ve broken free from the ice that held you frozen to the earth, you immediately rush the mage while eating all the ice and fire she could throw at you. arrggghh! you are one tough warrior.. . you don’t easily go down. you reach the mage and bam! the hilt of your weapon immediately connects to her head. she is knocked senseless for just a wee amount of time. a weird, numbing sensation immediately courses all over your body. your eyes widen in surprise as your bones are chilled by the mage’s frost armor. your actions are slowed. you could barely move. one not-so-mortal strike with your really huge sword is all you could muster, before the mage came to her senses and blinks away, yet again! NOoo! you shout in anger.

your shout fields you with rage. your blood boils. strength flows wildly through your veins. with both of your hands firmly clutched on your sword’s handle, your knuckles turn death white not from the ice, but from gripping it too tight. everything around you turns red. everything disappears but that one target centered in your sight. the fabled warrior berserker stance. all your power, all your anger, all your hate, all your senses you pour on that one thing in between your hands right now. and it gleams wickedly. a terrifying sight to behold.. .

annoyingly, the ever smart mage just chuckles at you. because she knows, and you very well know, that she still has several tricks up her sleeve in store for you. you dash up to her once more, and let loose a mighty roar that could even have wild beasts cower in fear. the mage, in her over-confidence, was unprepared for that. the echoes of that howl pierces through her mind. she runs around defenselessly, while you try to rend her apart in her moment of weakness, only to draw her back to consciousness. the tip of your blade bounces uselessly on a block of solid ice that has now magically encased the spellweaver. you stare at her disgustingly inside her protective cocoon, and she stares back at you with a grin.

Warrior, you knew this was hopeless! a feeling of dejection washes your spirit.. . your rage recedes. the death grip on your blade starts to loosen. you back up slowly from the mage. when you could have executed her right there, she cheats death by surrounding herself cowardly with an impenetrable shield. it was not in desperation. that unmistakable grin on her pretty face told you that. you knew for certain that this was coming, Warrior.. .warr_death

but you fought bravely as every warrior would. and you lost not your honor, but only your life (chuckles). for no armor wrought in any metal can withstand the force of magic. no known plate could deflect the tip of a speeding arrow. yet you fought well against all diversities my Warrior. your form of combat is too open. it is too basic. you lack the guile of a rogue, and the versatility of a druid. and even if you fight valiantly, everytime.. . you will lose. that is what makes you a True Warrior.


the long narrow pass, where at it’s mouth stood the 2nd Alliance bunker in Alterac Valley, was devoid of Horde activity. so far so good. crouched and shadowmelded, with some trees for a little cover, i waited a few more seconds just to make sure not a group of Horde scouts were making their way down the pass to Dun Baldar. timing meant life or death here. i didn’t want to encounter Hordes at this point. it would be a waste of my time and effort to leave the Alliance defensive group to reinforce the offensive who were getting ready to assault Frostwolf Keep.

looking up once more from my hiding place down the gully, my gaze swept the entire stretch that ended at the entrance to the Stormpike graveyard to see if there were friendlies on the move. none. i released from shadowmeld, summoning my mount at once. my swift stormsaber quickly ate up the distance to the bunker as it climbed relentlessly up the snow covered ground. a few more strides off my big ebon cat then i would be going into another pass that forked: left and you’d be at another graveyard, or down to the Stonehearth outpost if you decided to go right. from there, my plan was to cross the Field of Strife as quickly as possible, enter Horde territory, and get to my group who were guarding Iceblood graveyard. after that we would be moving forward to join the Alliance advance group who rushed to capture Frostwolf Relief Hut. the final objective was to kill the Orc shaman Drek’Thar inside the Horde keep. this was our one and final push to win this battle.

naturally i took a right turn. left would mean a higher possibility of encountering hordes on their way to Vanndar Stormpike, leader of the Stormpike Expedition. as i made the turn from the long pass and came out at the base of Icewing bunker, i could immediately see up ahead 2 enemy scouts. both stood far from each other. one was just standing idly near the turn to the graveyard. the other was mounted, still a few yards away from me, but within ranged distance. i turned right some more, almost hugging the valley wall, to cover as much distance from the nearest horde scout as quickly as possible before he notices me. too late!

in that brief moment the horde scout directly charged his war mount towards Stonehearth Outpost. he knew i was getting as far away from him as possible. so he didn’t run directly towards me. instead he cut the gap in half by going towards the only logical direction that i would be heading. his anticipation closed the distance between us in mere seconds. i was still at a head start. just when i was about to go around a tall mound of earth to cover my back from the attacker, i became disoriented and unable to move. my vision shrank. then i realized i was sheeped. it was a Mage! great! i hate horde mages more than warlocks or shadow priests.

i could see the incoming spell being cast while i felt so helpless in sheep form. at least his attack will break my disability. the first damaging spell broke me from the sheep spell he cast on me. without hesitation i dashed towards the mage stunning him for 3 seconds. i hamstringed twice just to be sure, then made a whirlwind attack. instant attacks where i can do as much damage in the time that he was disabled. the initial damage he dealt to me was still bigger than my counterattack but at least he was hurt. he blinked away from me just as soon as the stun wore off, leaving me trapped in ice. typical mage. once again i was immobilized. but this time i wouldn’t be so helpless. i immediately changed stance to defensive, shouting a health increase buff right after to soften the next incoming blow from the troll mage. the trap wore off. my intercept cooldown was almost done. i ran towards him while he fired a couple of arcane missiles (or were they ice lances?) at me, then something unexpected happened.. .

a nearby ram charged at the mage knocking him down silly for a few seconds. i was laughing inside. it was a pretty funny sight. this broke his attack on me. now was my chance. already at striking distance, i hastened my attacks and gave him all i got. both my mainhand and offhand blades tore at him like crazy. he was hurting pretty badly, just as i was. the ram took damage from my whirlwind attack so it shifted its attention on me. this was not gonna be easy. i was taking additional damage from the ram. the advantage was clearly on the mage from the beginning. them mages always have a couple of tricks up their sleeves when drawn into a critical situation. i almost gave up hope. as soon as he could, he blinked back to the spot where i was after leaving me with a frost nova. the ram aggroed on the mage again and distracted him a couple of times. ignoring the ram, he spammed some more spells on me while i waited for the nova’s effect to wear off. our hitpoints were going down fast. his slightly higher than mine. this was it! it was gonna be a race on who kills who first. just as soon as i was unrooted, i charged at him for the 2nd time, stunning him a few moments, attacked, whirlwind, hit him with a concussion blow* (yeah, i usually save it for last), and sidestepped so that i would be almost behind him, attacked.. . unable to move or attack, the mage was left at my mercy. then came the killing blow. at less than 20% health on the mage , with my rage high, the only thing to do at this point was to Execute the greedy horde. with less than 2000 hitpoints on him, i was lucky that my Execute was a critical hit on the bastard. the poor soul died instantly and I Laughed. an unforeseen Victory!

the ram was still attacking me after the mage had died because of the whirlwind attack i made earlier. i stood defiantly over the corpse of the dead sorcerer not minding the ram that had its hooves on me, a mocking grin pasted on my face. i had no intention on killing the beast and my hitpoints was running real low. after i hamstringed the creature, i ran away until it stopped aggro on me.

sad to say, the Alliance lost the battle. but for me, it was a glorious sunny day in the Valley of Alterac.

* sometimes i’m too lazy to respec to arms (or out of gold?). so yes i was a dual-wielding, Protection warrior when i killed the horde mage!

WoW Tacoma!

Posted: February 18, 2008 in World of Warcraft

Here’s a nice commercial of Toyota in the World of Warcraft.

Dwarf: i’ve gone ahead and equipped my epic axe.. .

Night Elf: ummm .. . switching to explosive arrows.

Human: yeah i’m gonna equip myself with a little uhhh .. . four wheels of fury!

Dwarf/Night Elf: ohhh!

Dwarf: no way. there’s no trucks in World of Warcraft!

‘Human: let’s do this!

Dwarf/Night Elf: ohhh! ahhh.. .

‘Human: did you see me lay down the law? I am the law givah!!!