revenge is mine. .. or NOT!

I've been a sucker for WOW world events lately.  The idea of adding more titles to my toon's name seems to be appealing.  Plus if Blizzard is being nice, they usually include a pet as a consolation once you get to do all the  achievements required for the event.  But really, the real reason is... Continue Reading →



"I AM WARRIOR. Where others would hide behind their faith, summon the powers of corruption, or simply disappear into shadows, I will stand and fight with honor. And I will win." I just gotta love this signature.  It's very poetic for a warrior.  It's so bold.  Not literally, of course. LOL! But really it's ironic... Continue Reading →

where nerfs are epic

Welcome to the World of Warcraft! this is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).  it is the number one and the biggest in the planet in terms of subscriber base.  yes it is quite addicting to play! this is not a Free to Play (F2P) game.  it is paid for, also known as Pay... Continue Reading →

wanted: True Warrior

oh you poor thing. tsk, tsk, tsk.. . how really pitiful of you. rofl! .. .you are rooted to the ground with frost nova. with you helplessly going nowhere, the mage then proceeds to make a practice dummy out of you. you instantly grab your shield for protection; a desperate act in a desperate situation;... Continue Reading →

Waitin’ on the Lich King (WotLK)

5 things you can do while waiting for WotLK. 1) get as many Achievements done as possible there are really cool achievements that you can go for. some are nonsense too. while some are easy, the rest are really hard or not yet available until WOTLK. this achievement system is a bit silly, i must... Continue Reading →

. .. and then there was a mage

the long narrow pass, where at it's mouth stood the 2nd Alliance bunker in Alterac Valley, was devoid of Horde activity. so far so good. crouched and shadowmelded, with some trees for a little cover, i waited a few more seconds just to make sure not a group of Horde scouts were making their way... Continue Reading →

WoW Tacoma!

Here's a nice commercial of Toyota in the World of Warcraft. Dwarf: i've gone ahead and equipped my epic axe.. . Night Elf: ummm .. . switching to explosive arrows. Human: yeah i'm gonna equip myself with a little uhhh .. . four wheels of fury! Dwarf/Night Elf: ohhh! Dwarf: no way. there's no trucks... Continue Reading →

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