Yahoo! Mail has not been tested with your operating system

Seriously, I am so sick and tired of this warning that Yahoo! Mail gives out when you are not using Windows or a Mac.  For fuck's sake get rid of that warning Yahoo! Perhaps everyone in the Linux or BSD community already know that and we're not dumb idiots like so many of the Windows... Continue Reading →


The Last Day Was Autumn

Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memories made in between.  Most days have no impact in the course of a life. May 23rd was a Wednesday. Girl: Are you interviewing? Boy: Sorry? Girl: Are you interviewing.. . for the (pauses) position? Boy: Oh yeah. Why are... Continue Reading →

I’m only a C?

Boo, I only have a grade of C in my own country.  How much more for the entire world?  Waaaaa!!! But then again it's not really a surprise.  What with the geographic and political conditions of the Philippines. By geographic I mean just look at that map below.  That's a total of 7,000 and 100... Continue Reading →

To My Friends

My Friends, While you never really asked me the reasons why I left, I feel that I owe you an explanation nonetheless.  It has been over a year already.  It is long past due that you should hear my side of the story.  So I am writing this now to tell you why I have... Continue Reading →

the filipino mis-directions

after tonight's ordeal, now i can really sympathize to non-filipinos and how they really criticize the way we give directions.  this is not a baseless criticism to filipinos by the way.  i am a filipino too, and i love this country no matter its shortcomings. the story is that i tried to get to a... Continue Reading →

another chapter

a chapter of this work-in-progress and not-so-bestselling book i am writing titled `Life` is about to end.  and soon Another Chapter will be written.  a new chapter. and i look forward into writing this new one. this chapter, the one that is about to close, has been in the works for about 3 years.  yes,... Continue Reading →


borrowed this picture from a friend in the office.  (thank you miss.. . you know who you are :P). but i did see em fat, furry, white-and-black-colored creatures, live.  i practically had to run up on a few ramps, skip a step or 2 up some stairs, hop into a cable car, and go around... Continue Reading →

opportunities.. .

by the time i was on the vessel that was to take us back to the mainland, Joey was already seated.. . just next to where i found a place to sit down. well, it was really more like across the aisle, and a row in front of me. ********** chances. they come and go.... Continue Reading →

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