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Yahoo unsupported OS

unsupported OS warning from Yahoo! Mail

Seriously, I am so sick and tired of this warning that Yahoo! Mail gives out when you are not using Windows or a Mac.  For fuck’s sake get rid of that warning Yahoo! Perhaps everyone in the Linux or BSD community already know that and we’re not dumb idiots like so many of the Windows or Mac users.


The Last Day Was Autumn

Posted: December 6, 2009 in zeroes and ones

Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memories made in between.  Most days have no impact in the course of a life.

May 23rd was a Wednesday.

Girl: Are you interviewing?

Boy: Sorry?

Girl: Are you interviewing.. . for the (pauses) position?

Boy: Oh yeah. Why are you?

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: Uh-hummm.. . my competition.

Girl: It would appear.

Boy: Yeah, so.. . (pauses) a litle awkward.

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: Well, uhhh.. . I hope you.. . uhmmm…  don’t get the job.

Girl: I hope you don’t get the job.

Boy and girl laughs softly.

Girl: Have I seen you before?

Boy: Me? I don’t think so.

Girl: Do you ever (pauses) go to Angela’s Plaza?

Boy: Yes.  Tha-that’s like my favorite spot in the city.

Girl: (Stutters) Yeah ok, except for the parking lots. But…

Boy: Yeah, yeah. I agree.

Girl: Yeah, yeah. I think I’ve seen you there.

Boy: Really?

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: I haven’t seen you.

Girl: You must not have been looking.

If Tom had learned anything it was that you can’t describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event.  Coincidence.  That’s all anything ever is… nothing more than coincidence.

Other Guy: Tom Hanson.

Boy: Yeah.

Other Guy: Come on back.

Tom had finally learned, there are no miracles.  There’s no such thing as fate.  Nothing is meant to be.  He knew.  He was sure of it now. Tom was.. .

Boy: Sorry.  Ummm… I just left ahhh… can I?  One second.

He was pretty sure.

Boy: Hey!

Girl: You again?

Boy: Yeah. I ahhh.. . was just wondering if maybe after this if, uhmmm.. . you’d (pauses) wanna get some coffee or something?

Girl: Ahh, I’m sorry I’m sort of supposed to meet someone after this.

Boy: Ok.

Girl: Sure.

Boy: What’s that?

Girl: Why not?

Boy: Ok. Well then I’ll just ahhh.. I’ll just wait for you.. .

Girl: We.. . we’ll figure it out.

Boy: We’ll figure it out.

Boy: My name’s Tom.

Girl: Nice to meet you. I’m Autumn.

I’m only a C?

Posted: October 17, 2009 in zeroes and ones

Boo, I only have a grade of C in my own country.  How much more for the entire world?  Waaaaa!!!

But then again it’s not really a surprise.  What with the geographic and political conditions of the Philippines.

By geographic I mean just look at that map below.  That’s a total of 7,000 and 100 islands there.  The major ones are still, well islands…  albeit big ones.  The interesting ones are the hardest.  They’re smaller islands where you will find the whitest, softest sand, the clearest sea waters, amazing fish and coral reefs, the perfect beaches!  Airports?   Yeah they’re in all major cities and most points of interest, but not all.

And there are several political issues in the country, particularly isolated in the lower-most group of islands in the south-western part, where travel would be a bit unwise.

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

To My Friends

Posted: October 9, 2009 in zeroes and ones

My Friends,

While you never really asked me the reasons why I left, I feel that I owe you an explanation nonetheless.  It has been over a year already.  It is long past due that you should hear my side of the story.  So I am writing this now to tell you why I have to go on my own in this big city.

Back from where we originally come from, our beloved little city, fate brought us together.  Those were fun times. Great times.  The crazy moments that we shared together were ones that were filled with laughter, adventure and of course, “spirits.” There was so many a day, or more like night, where we would be holed up in a place downing some shots, watching videos or just playing around with computer games.  And when we were not doing either of those things, we made sure we were off to another place doing something else.

But like all things in life, everything must come to an end.  Yet with every ending, another door opens.. .  A new chapter in life begins.  We started the new chapter full of excitement, hope and optimism.   Deep down though, we knew that sooner or later we might not be seeing each other too often.  It is one of the inevitable things in life.  I guess we never accepted that fact.  So as much as possible we tried to slow it down.  That was the plan.

It wasn’t that long.  Eventually, we found ourselves in the same big city.  Not everyone could come.  But most of us are here.  Was it not wonderful that we started another chapter of our lives together in a strange new place?  Again, the very same things that we left behind in our little city, we were doing it here in the big city.  This time though, it is far from the comfort and security of our own homes and families.   This time, it is with the addition of many new things.

As with every new beginning it is always something different.  Along the way we met several faces.  With each step made, we learned new things.  It is not alone that a man does great things.  There is always that group of people behind him.  However, you do know that you are not there just to depend on them.  You don’t let the group carry your weight.  You do realize that the group is you.

I never left you my friends.  I merely tried to see the world in a different light.  You should try it sometime.  For when we tread together we seem to overcome the impossible, how do we know that we are strong enough to be on our own?  How will you know that when you are not with me or him, you will overcome the challenges in life that sometimes you must face alone?

I am still here.  The times we had is something I am very glad I have shared with all of you.  There will be more of those times.  I am quite sure of that.  After all.. .

Friendship is not made with the exchange of names.  It is made through moments and experiences. Friendship is not earned by seeing each other too often.  It is earned through sincerity and trust.  Friendship is not kept only in the fun times.  It is also through the sad moments.


Your Friend

after tonight’s ordeal, now i can really sympathize to non-filipinos and how they really criticize the way we give directions.  this is not a baseless criticism to filipinos by the way.  i am a filipino too, and i love this country no matter its shortcomings.

the story is that i tried to get to a friend’s birthday party.  everyone would be there, including a lot of my friends too.  being not a cebuano, i can go my way around the familiar parts of  cebu city.  but when it comes to other places, especially the heavy residential zones, i’m gonna have to say, i am still a noob in cebu.   my more than 3 years of stay here in cebu didn’t help at all, since i can only recall common and popular places and streets.

generally, this is where we fail in giving directions.

1) it is common for filipinos to use their mouths when giving out directions.  how?  for those who are not familiar with us, we often form an `O` with our mouth and extend it as much as we can from our face to point to a direction.  yes it is easier and more convenient to use ones hand (or both) to point to a direction.  i don’t know why we use our mouth instead.  it is really funny.

2) our streets are named but we seldom use it to get to a place, or to tell someone how to get there.  instead we use landmarks and the name of a zone.  while landmarks aren’t bad, street names would be better.  but then again the  street signs are not prominent everywhere in our cities.  sometimes it is there, or hidden, partially or totally, by something.  and because of this, everyone here has gotten used to giving out directions by saying for example, “7-11 of  zone X.”  good thing if there is only one 7-11 store in zone X.

3) not giving out an estimated distance to how far this point is to another point.  is it walking distance?  is it a 100 meters?  we often generalize and say “it’s just up there, look for  a big tree,”  when the truth is, that big tree is more than a kilometer away.  this will not work always.

i was laughing at myself  tonight, all sweaty after all that walking.  my god i didn’t even know it was over a kilometer from a popular mall in this city to the province’s capitol office until i saw the road sign that said – “capitol turn right 1km ahead.” what the fuck?!  going from my apartment alone to this mall, is almost,  if not over, a kilometer as well.  that makes it 2 kilometers of walking already. this is just going one direction.

in that part of the city where the party was being held, that’s another story.  it’s beyond the capitol of cebu.  it’s a big zone.  not all of the streets are lit by lamps.  we generally don’t have city blocks here to make it easier.  so it’s just a maze of streets turning left, right and in odd  directions.

i didn’t want to take a taxi because i’ve been taking a cab for 3 years now. it’s time i get on the generally accepted cheap form of public transportation which is the jeepney.

so there, i failed miserably into getting myself to that party.  when i was walking along dark street corners, poorly lit streets and passed many groups of people just standing or sitting there on the sides, that did it for me.  no way i’m gonna get mugged here.  this is ridiculous!   and so i hailed a cab and called it a night.  a cheesburger from McDonald’s sounds better instead of a broken bottle on my head.

another chapter

Posted: April 28, 2009 in zeroes and ones

a chapter of this work-in-progress and not-so-bestselling book i am writing titled `Life` is about to end.  and soon Another Chapter will be written.  a new chapter. and i look forward into writing this new one.

this chapter, the one that is about to close, has been in the works for about 3 years.  yes, 3 not-so-long years.  it’s been Fun years.  a lot of crazy things have happened. as always, there were the ups and the downs.  oh yeah!  a straight line would have been too boring.  what with the first times, the mistakes,  the hesitations and a bit of recklessness to spice it up along the way.  but the number of successes and “yes i did its” is still heavy on the flavoring.

all in all, they were great years.  i look back at all these now and can’t help but laugh.

so what would it be like on the next chapter?  hmmm.. .

right now i really don’t know.  i feel like i should be frightened or worried.  but then i assure myself that, “hey,  it’s not like this is the first chapter.” there have been many chapters. and there will be more to come.  and the new one that is about to start is just another in this saga we call as life.  so i am excited. . . heart pounding, a big smile and all that.

by the way, it’s not my birthday.  hahaha!


Posted: April 1, 2009 in zeroes and ones

borrowed this picture from a friend in the office.  (thank you miss.. . you know who you are :P). but i did see em fat, furry, white-and-black-colored creatures, live.  biting_panda1i practically had to run up on a few ramps, skip a step or 2 up some stairs, hop into a cable car, and go around a giant balloon just to see these furballs! uhmm.. . it was almost closing time and i would have kicked myself if i didn’t get a glimpse of these magnificent animals.

i thought they were as big as polar bears.  they’re not.  it would seem odd that they are called Giant Pandas when in fact they are no bigger than an oversized pig.  perhaps there are smaller ones?

it was my first time to see pandas up close.  these cute, lovable mammals look nothing but lazy.  not that it’s bad.  i’ll bet if you were locked up in a cage you’d be doing the same thing.

there were 3.  i forgot some of their names.  one was called An An.  a female one, obviously.  just whiling away the time  on her back.  one was taking his bath in a muddy pool and getting his woolly behind all dirtied up.  the other was greedily eating what i think were bamboo leaves, for i don’t know how long.  this chubby one was pigging it out non-stop, sitting on his behind, with all the leaves raked up to his big, round tummy.  hehehe.. .  he looked hilarious!