I’m only a C?

Boo, I only have a grade of C in my own country.  How much more for the entire world?  Waaaaa!!! But then again it's not really a surprise.  What with the geographic and political conditions of the Philippines. By geographic I mean just look at that map below.  That's a total of 7,000 and 100... Continue Reading →


To My Friends

My Friends, While you never really asked me the reasons why I left, I feel that I owe you an explanation nonetheless.  It has been over a year already.  It is long past due that you should hear my side of the story.  So I am writing this now to tell you why I have... Continue Reading →


"I AM WARRIOR. Where others would hide behind their faith, summon the powers of corruption, or simply disappear into shadows, I will stand and fight with honor. And I will win." I just gotta love this signature.  It's very poetic for a warrior.  It's so bold.  Not literally, of course. LOL! But really it's ironic... Continue Reading →

the barrio system effect

A barrio is a Spanish word which means district or neighborhood. In the Philippines it is the smallest administrative division or form of local government unit, and is officially referred to today as Barangay. In popular Bisaya slang, when someone says "barrio barrio," it would generally mean that in a gathering, people are  grouping up... Continue Reading →

tuesday clean day

tuesdays are "clean my room" days.  at least that's how i planned it to be.  but in between doing something else, or pretending to do something else just so i can excuse myself from cleaning my room, and actually cleaning my room,  the first one wins most of the time. surpise, surprise!  i do manage... Continue Reading →

PC hardware problems

just great!   just a week or so after my NVidia 8800 GT died, my primary hard drive becomes unreadable.  it's an old 80GB IDE drive from SeaGate, where my bootloader and Kubuntu 9.04 resides.  it is a good thing i made the Windows drive the secondary.  at least the default option to write MBR... Continue Reading →

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